Use dependency installation via composer
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2018-02-26 Christian Weiskelink for-url
2018-02-26 Christian WeiskeSimple latest comment list
2018-01-07 Christian WeiskeAllow linkback endpoint configuration
2017-08-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "reply" form to index page
2016-09-05 Christian Weiskes/rel/class/ in reply
2016-08-10 Christian Weiskefix like class
2016-08-10 Christian Weiskeadd p-name and u-url
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskesend linkback when a post is created
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskeadd like support
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskeindex indieauth hint
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskea little bit layout for the identity selector
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskepre-fill auth form with $me data
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeremove auto_increment from sql dump
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskepre-select anonymous mode
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskedynamic index page, title
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeconfig dist file
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeauthentication works
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskewip