2012-07-24 Christian Weiskeclarify parameter class
2012-07-23 Christian Weiskecall reference type parsing
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeparse number types and numbering plans
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeseparation of parameter types. numbers are highlighted...
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeparse sapi and cr-bit
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeread TEI and call reference
2012-07-16 Christian Weiskefirst try on E-DSS-1 ISDN d-channel parsing
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskemore debug data
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskemore recorded debug data
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskedecode debug bytes and display them in echo logger
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeecho logger
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskedumping network data is possible now
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeintroduce classes
2012-07-14 Christian Weisketest
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeinitial debugging