2012-08-10 Christian Weiskeshow names in CallEcho logger
2012-08-10 Christian Weiskeinternational numbers have a +
2012-08-09 Christian Weiskename facility information
2012-08-08 Christian Weisketalk about plugins in README
2012-08-08 Christian Weiskefix typo
2012-08-08 Christian Weiskeadd missing dist config file
2012-08-08 Christian Weiskethrow exception when connection to switchboard cannot...
2012-08-07 Christian Weiskerename database call log script
2012-08-07 Christian Weiskecall logging to database
2012-08-06 Christian Weiskefile call logger
2012-08-06 Christian Weiskedescribe what the ldap detailler does
2012-08-05 Christian Weiskeopengeodb and ldap detaillers work!
2012-08-04 Christian Weiskeadd mobile phone number detection
2012-08-04 Christian Weiskebegin work on call detaillers (load name from ldap...
2012-08-04 Christian Weiskefix docblock
2012-08-03 Christian Weiskefix copied error message
2012-08-03 Christian Weisketest another scenario
2012-08-03 Christian Weiskeassert call type
2012-08-03 Christian Weiskecall notifier tests
2012-08-03 Christian Weiskemove dumps to unit test dir
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeanother dump, analog phone
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskefilter out duplicate incoming calls
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeanother dump
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskefilter out the ("duplicate") internal call on outgoing...
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskerename dump file
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskecreate full number from the given national number
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeuse alerting instead of call_proceeding to detect start...
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeadd incoming/outgoing type to calls
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskemake call names blue
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskerename dump files
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskecollect parameters on information elements, too
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskeshow that numbers are hex
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskelist all known parameter types with constants, so we...
2012-07-31 Christian Weiskecall echo logger
2012-07-27 Christian Weiskeuse integer codes, not strings
2012-07-26 Christian Weiskeintroduce separate log object and callmonitor
2012-07-26 Christian Weiskeremove preg call parsing of info lines; we've got the...
2012-07-25 Christian Weiskeadd cli option to activate debug log
2012-07-25 Christian Weiskerename echo logger to debug
2012-07-25 Christian Weiskesplit echo logger into multiple methods
2012-07-24 Christian Weiskeshow source and target of callreftype
2012-07-24 Christian Weiskedummy callref support
2012-07-24 Christian Weiskeclarify parameter class
2012-07-23 Christian Weiskecall reference type parsing
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeparse number types and numbering plans
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeseparation of parameter types. numbers are highlighted...
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeparse sapi and cr-bit
2012-07-20 Christian Weiskeread TEI and call reference
2012-07-16 Christian Weiskefirst try on E-DSS-1 ISDN d-channel parsing
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskemore debug data
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskemore recorded debug data
2012-07-15 Christian Weiskedecode debug bytes and display them in echo logger
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeecho logger
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskedumping network data is possible now
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeintroduce classes
2012-07-14 Christian Weisketest
2012-07-14 Christian Weiskeinitial debugging