2011-12-07 Christian Weiskemake readme rst-compatible master
2011-12-07 Christian Weiskereadme is a rst file
2011-12-07 Christian Weiskemake it clearer what to configure
2011-12-07 Christian Weiskechange license to agpl
2011-12-07 Christian Weiskemake files executable
2011-12-04 Christian Weiskedirect link to current page
2011-12-04 Christian Weiskereadme: vhost config
2011-12-04 Christian Weiskebuildstaticpages path changed
2011-03-03 Christian Weiskesleep a bit to let apache get to work again
2009-12-05 Christian Weiskeshow awstats command
2009-11-15 Christian Weiskefix readme; order of steps was wrong
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskereadme, license and authors file. also tpl and tpl...
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskeremove shell script
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskeupdate dist config
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskescript to create old historic static pages
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskescript to update last month
2009-11-14 Christian Weiskecreate index pages, create symlinked current directory
2009-11-14 rootfirst version for updating. symlinks and index pages...