fix version in user interface
[bdrem.git] / src / bdrem / UserInterface.php
2015-03-18 Christian Weiskefix version in user interface
2014-03-21 Christian Weiskeical renderer
2014-03-20 Christian Weiskeuse ANSI color codes on shell by default
2014-03-20 Christian Weiskeadd docblocks to all files, classes, methods and variables
2014-03-12 Christian Weiskefix long command names
2014-02-25 Christian Weiskeadd option to specify config file
2014-02-25 Christian Weiskeshow error, not exception
2014-02-25 Christian Weiskeload config file from different locations, including...
2014-02-25 Christian Weiskecommands to show readme and extract config template
2014-02-21 Christian Weiskeremove quiet option; we do not use it anyway
2014-02-21 Christian WeiskeShow help even when config file does not exist
2014-02-18 Christian Weiskeadd stopOnEmpty and date parameters
2014-02-13 Christian Weiskecatch exceptions
2014-02-13 Christian Weiskeupdate configuration example file, fix variable names
2014-02-13 Christian WeiskedaysAfter -> daysNext, daysBefore -> daysPrev
2014-02-05 Christian Weiskeuse console_commandline for parameter parsing
2014-02-03 Christian Weiskemail sending
2014-01-23 Christian Weiskeintroduce UserInterface class, add simple parameter...