Support older dreamboxes (e.g. 7025+) that don't have a recent elementtree library.
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2014-01-30 Christian WeiskeSupport older dreamboxes (e.g. 7025+) that don't have...
2013-09-02 Christian WeiskeAdd option to disable settings button, load option...
2013-08-29 Christian Weiskealways load the local configuration file
2011-12-02 Christian Weiskeshow error message when loading the page url feed fails
2011-11-29 Christian Weiskeadd license to python files
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskemethod docblocks
2011-11-28 Christian Weiskeadd encoding and copyright header
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskeget page list feed import working properly
2011-11-23 Christian Weiskefirst work on page import via atom feed