encoding.conf: set default encoding for texts with "deu" as language code to ISO8859-9
[enigma2.git] / data / setup.xml
1 <setupxml>
2                 <setup key="rc" title="RC Menu">
3                         <item level="0" text="Repeat">config.inputDevices.repeat</item>
4                         <item level="0" text="Delay">config.inputDevices.delay</item>
5                         <item level="0" text="Keymap">config.rc.map</item>
6                 </setup>
7                 <setup key="timezone" title="Timezone">
8                         <item level="0" text="Timezone">config.timezone.val</item>
9                 </setup>
10                 <setup key="avsetup" title="A/V Settings">
11                         <item level="0" text="Color Format">config.av.colorformat</item>
12                         <item level="0" text="Aspect Ratio">config.av.aspectratio</item>
13                         <item level="0" text="TV System">config.av.tvsystem</item>
14                         <item level="1" text="WSS on 4:3">config.av.wss</item>
15                         <item level="1" text="AC3 default">config.av.defaultac3</item>
16                         <item level="1" text="General AC3 delay">config.av.generalAC3delay</item>
17                         <item level="1" text="General PCM delay">config.av.generalPCMdelay</item>
18                         <item level="1" text="AC3 downmix" requires="CanDownmixAC3">config.av.downmix_ac3</item>
19                         <item level="1" text="Auto scart switching" requires="ScartSwitch">config.av.vcrswitch</item>
20                 </setup>
21                 <setup key="usage" title="Customize">
22                         <item level="0" text="Setup Mode">config.usage.setup_level</item>
23                         <item level="1" text="Recordings always have priority">config.recording.asktozap</item>
24                         <item level="0" text="Margin before record (minutes)">config.recording.margin_before</item>
25                         <item level="0" text="Margin after record">config.recording.margin_after</item>
26                         <item level="0" text="Show blinking clock in display during recording">config.usage.blinking_display_clock_during_recording</item>
27                         <item level="2" text="Show Message when Recording starts">config.usage.show_message_when_recording_starts</item>
28                         <item level="2" text="Load Length of Movies in Movielist">config.usage.load_length_of_movies_in_moviellist</item>
29                         <item level="1" text="Show positioner movement">config.usage.showdish</item>
30                         <item level="1" text="Enable multiple bouquets">config.usage.multibouquet</item>
31                         <item level="1" text="Change bouquets in quickzap">config.usage.quickzap_bouquet_change</item>
32                         <item level="1" text="Alternative radio mode">config.usage.e1like_radio_mode</item>
33                         <item level="1" text="Action on long powerbutton press">config.usage.on_long_powerpress</item>
34                         <item level="0" text="Infobar timeout">config.usage.infobar_timeout</item>
35                         <item level="1" text="12V output" requires="12V_Output">config.usage.output_12V</item>
36                         <item level="2" text="Show infobar on channel change">config.usage.show_infobar_on_zap</item>
37                         <item level="2" text="Show infobar on skip forward/backward">config.usage.show_infobar_on_skip</item>
38                         <item level="2" text="Show infobar on event change">config.usage.show_infobar_on_event_change</item>
39                         <item level="2" text="Behavior when a movie is started">config.usage.on_movie_start</item>
40                         <item level="2" text="Behavior when a movie is stopped">config.usage.on_movie_stop</item>
41                         <item level="2" text="Behavior when a movie reaches the end">config.usage.on_movie_eof</item>
42                         <item level="2" text="Custom skip time for '1'/'3'-keys">config.seek.selfdefined_13</item>
43                         <item level="2" text="Custom skip time for '4'/'6'-keys">config.seek.selfdefined_46</item>
44                         <item level="2" text="Custom skip time for '7'/'9'-keys">config.seek.selfdefined_79</item>
45                         <item level="2" text="Fast Forward speeds">config.seek.speeds_forward</item>
46                         <item level="2" text="Rewind speeds">config.seek.speeds_backward</item>
47                         <item level="2" text="Slow Motion speeds">config.seek.speeds_slowmotion</item>
48 <!-- TRANSLATORS: Note that "Enter" in the two strings below should *not*
49      be interpreted as "Give speed as input". The intended meaning is
50      instead "Initial speed when starting winding", i.e. the speed at
51      which "winding mode" is entered when first pressing "rewind" or
52      "fast forward". -->  
53                         <item level="2" text="Enter Fast Forward at speed">config.seek.enter_forward</item>
54                         <item level="2" text="Enter Rewind at speed">config.seek.enter_backward</item>
55 <!-- TRANSLATORS: The effect of "Non-smooth winding" is that rather
56      than using ordinary "continuous" or "smooth" winding, a fast
57      sequence of stills is shown when winding at high speeds. This
58      makes it much easier too follow when almost each frame comes from
59      a new scene. The effect is achieved by repeating each shown frame
60      a couple of times. The settings control both at which speed this
61      winding mode sets in, and how many times each frame should be
62      repeated. This was previously called "Discontinuous playback"
63      which was incomprehensible. "Non-smooth winding" may be a better
64      term, but note that there is nothing irregular about it. Synonyms
65      better suited for translation to other languages may be "stepwise
66      winding/playback", or "winding/playback using stills". -->
67                         <item level="2" text="Use non-smooth winding at speeds above">config.seek.stepwise_minspeed</item>
68                         <item level="2" text="Frame repeat count during non-smooth winding">config.seek.stepwise_repeat</item>
69                         <item level="2" text="Behavior of 'pause' when paused">config.seek.on_pause</item>
70                         <item level="2" text="Behavior of 0 key in PiP-mode">config.usage.pip_zero_button</item>
71                         <item level="2" text="Alternative services tuner priority">config.usage.alternatives_priority</item>
72                         <item level="2" text="Limited character set for recording filenames">config.recording.ascii_filenames</item>
73                 </setup>
74                 <setup key="harddisk" title="Harddisk setup" >
75                         <item level="0" text="Harddisk standby after">config.usage.hdd_standby</item>
76                 </setup>
77                 <setup key="network" title="Network setup">
78                         <item text="Use DHCP">config.network.dhcp</item>
79                         <item text="IP Address">config.network.ip</item>
80                         <item text="Netmask">config.network.netmask</item>
81                         <item text="Gateway">config.network.gateway</item>
82                         <item text="Nameserver">config.network.dns</item>
83 <!--                    <item text="MAC Address">config.network.mac</item>-->
84                         <item text="Activate network settings">config.network.activate</item>
85                 </setup>
86                 <setup key="RFmod" title="RF output">
87                         <item level="1" text="Modulator">config.rfmod.enable</item>
88                         <item level="2" text="Test mode">config.rfmod.test</item>
89                         <item level="2" text="Sound">config.rfmod.sound</item>
90                         <item level="2" text="Soundcarrier">config.rfmod.soundcarrier</item>
91                         <item level="1" text="Channel">config.rfmod.channel</item>
92                         <item level="1" text="Finetune">config.rfmod.finetune</item>
93                 </setup>
94                 <setup key="keyboard" title="Keyboard Setup">
95                         <item level="0" text="Keyboard Map">config.keyboard.keymap</item>
96                 </setup>
97                 <setup key="osd" title="OSD Settings">
98                         <item text="Alpha">config.osd.alpha</item>
99                         <item text="Brightness">config.osd.bright</item>
100                         <item text="Contrast">config.osd.contrast</item>
101                 </setup>
102                 <setup key="lcd" title="Display Setup" requires="FrontpanelDisplay">
103                         <item level="0" text="Brightness">config.lcd.bright</item>
104                         <item level="0" text="Contrast">config.lcd.contrast</item>
105                         <item level="0" text="Standby">config.lcd.standby</item>
106                         <item level="2" text="Invert display">config.lcd.invert</item>
107                 </setup>
108                 <setup key="satconfig" title="Sat / Dish Setup">
109                         <item text="Tuner Slot">config.sat.tunerslot</item>
110                         <item text="Configuration Mode">config.sat.configmode</item>
111                         <item text="DiSEqC">config.sat.diseqc</item>
112                         <item text="Longitude">config.sat.diseqca</item>
113                         <item text="Latitude">config.sat.diseqcb</item>
114                         <item text="Use power measurement" >config.sat.diseqcc</item>
115                         <!--<item text="DiSEqC D">config.sat.diseqcd</item>-->
116                 </setup>
117 </setupxml>