from enigma import * import time # some helper classes first: class HTMLComponent: def produceHTML(self): return "" class HTMLSkin: order = () def __init__(self, order): self.order = order def produceHTML(self): res = "\n" for name in self.order: res += self[name].produceHTML() res += "\n"; return res class GUISkin: data = { } def createGUIScreen(self, parent): for (name, val) in self.items():[name] = { } val.GUIcreate([name], parent, None) class GUIComponent: """ GUI component """ def __init__(self): self.notifier = [ ] def GUIcreate(self, priv, parent, skindata): i = self.GUIcreateInstance(self, parent, skindata) priv["instance"] = i print str(self) + " notifier list before " + str(self.notifier) self.notifier.append(i) print str(self) + " notifier list now " + str(self.notifier) if self.notifierAdded: self.notifierAdded(i) class VariableText: """VariableText can be used for components which have a variable text, based on any widget with setText call""" def __init__(self): self.message = "" def notifierAdded(self, notifier): notifier.setText(self.message) def setText(self, text): if self.message != text: self.message = text print self.notifier for x in self.notifier: x.setText(self.message) def getText(self): return self.message class VariableValue: """VariableValue can be used for components which have a variable value (like eSlider), based on any widget with setValue call""" def __init__(self): self.value = 0 def notifierAdded(self, notifier): notifier.setValue(self.value) def setValue(self, value): if self.value != value: self.value = value for x in self.notifier: x.setValue(self.value) def getValue(self): return self.value # now some "real" components: class Clock(HTMLComponent, GUIComponent, VariableText): def __init__(self): VariableText.__init__(self) GUIComponent.__init__(self) self.doClock() # "funktionalitaet" def doClock(self): self.setText("clock: " + time.asctime()) # realisierung als GUI def GUIcreateInstance(self, priv, parent, skindata): g = eLabel(parent) return g # ...und als HTML: def produceHTML(self): return self.getText() class Button(HTMLComponent, GUIComponent, VariableText): onClick = {} def __init__(self, text=""): GUIComponent.__init__(self) VariableText.__init__(self) self.setText(text) def click(self): for x in self.onClick: x() # html: def produceHTML(self): return "\n" # GUI: def GUIcreateInstance(self, priv, parent, skindata): g = eButton(parent) # g.clicked = [ ] return g class Header(HTMLComponent, GUIComponent, VariableText): def __init__(self, message): GUIComponent.__init__(self) VariableText.__init__(self) self.setText(message) def produceHTML(self): return "

" + self.getText() + "

\n" def GUIcreateInstance(self, priv, parent, skindata): g = eLabel(parent) g.setText(self.message) return g class VolumeBar(HTMLComponent, GUIComponent, VariableValue): def __init__(self): GUIComponent.__init__(self) VariableValue.__init__(self) def GUIcreateInstance(self, priv, parent, skindata): g = eSlider(parent) g.setRange(0, 100) return g