remove Imagewizard
[enigma2.git] / data / skin_default.xml
2009-02-13 acid-burnremove Imagewizard
2008-12-16 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2008-12-16 Stefanfinish and polish diseqc tester plugin
2008-12-16 stefanfinish and polish diseqc tester plugin
2008-12-14 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-12-11 ghostsmall satfinder skin fix
2008-12-09 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-12-08 ghostMerge branch 'master' into dvd_scale_test
2008-12-08 acid-burnremove AGC display from skin
2008-12-08 acid-burnremove AGC display from skin
2008-11-14 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-11-14 acid-burnsmall skin fix
2008-11-06 Acid-Burnadd virtual keyboard as easy input help
2008-10-23 Andreas Frischadd summary screen for task view
2008-10-21 Andreas Frischdisplay choices and selection of ChoiceBoxes on summary...
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznergui timeroverlap fixes,
2008-10-18 Andreas Monzneradd timeroverlap detection made by adenin (thanks for...
2008-10-14 Andreas FrischAllow going into standby/shutting down after completing...
2008-10-13 Andreas Frischallow DVD burning in background. to view progress of...
2008-09-29 Andreas Frischdon't display clock on LCD/OLED for MessageBoxes anymor...
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischfit a widget size
2008-08-08 Andreas Frischadd a repeat playlist function to mediaplayer (on behal...
2008-07-25 Andreas FrischFix width of tag widgets so that "Kategorie:" fits...
2008-07-24 Stefan Pluecken- fix configMode for DVB-T and DVB-C
2008-07-23 Stefan Plueckenadd LanguageWizard to adapt to the wizard design of...
2008-07-21 Andreas Monznernetworksetup update, add missing .cvsignores
2008-07-16 Stefan Plueckenadd rcold.png to MultiPixmap "rc" in HelpMenu
2008-07-16 Stefan Plueckenuse new box depending rcs in HelpMenu (not yet 100...
2008-07-14 Stefan Plueckenadd new box depending rc visualization
2008-07-11 Andreas Monznerupdate network setup
2008-07-04 Andreas Frischresize TaskView widgets
2008-06-26 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to choose record location on timer...
2008-06-23 Stefan Plueckensimplify enabling the sleep timer by defaulting the...
2008-06-13 Andreas Monznernetworksetup fixes / cleanups
2008-06-10 Andreas Monzneruse MultiPixmaps and MultiColorLabels in Network Setup
2008-06-06 Felix Domkeugly messagebox summary screen, choices is still missing
2008-05-30 Andreas Monzneradd some german translations,
2008-05-29 Felix Domkeadd new network config
2008-05-27 Stefan Plueckenadd default services lists as a scan alternative
2008-05-20 Andreas Monznerfix size of inputbox
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenadd DreamPackageWizard
2008-05-16 Stefan Pluecken- move arrow_down.png out of sight
2008-05-01 Andreas Monzneruse session.CurrentService..
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckenuse correct paths for skin pngs
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckendefault wizard
2008-04-23 Andreas Monznerfix subtitles
2008-04-18 Andreas Monznerfix non visible Listbox in Startwizzard
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznerremove deprecated and unused code
2008-04-15 Felix Domkeby Nemesis: remove obsolete source in CutlistEditor...
2008-04-15 Felix Domkerelayout a bit
2008-04-13 Felix Domkepng cleanup by nemesis, source changes.
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeuse TemplatedMultiContent for language selection
2008-04-01 Andreas Monznersize fix
2008-03-28 Andreas Monznerfix vsize
2008-02-20 Felix Domketimer_select.patch by Moritz Venn, with minor fixes
2008-01-24 Felix Domkelayout fix: use proper background color for transparent...
2007-11-26 Stefan PlueckenAlways show ip address/gateway/netmask in network setti...
2007-11-23 Andreas Monzneradd socket mmi plugin,
2007-11-22 Felix Domkesummary skin for channel selection
2007-11-09 Andreas Monznerdo not use obsolete sources in radio infobar
2007-11-09 Felix Domkepreliminary translator about screen - can be displayed...
2007-10-26 Felix Domkeconvert About screen to source/renderer system. Change...
2007-10-12 Andreas Monznerfix non working rotor turning pixmap
2007-10-07 Felix Domkeuse session.CurrentService in PVRState
2007-09-30 Felix Domkereplace some more Clock() by ObsoleteSource redirect...
2007-09-24 Felix Domkeuse StaticText for MenuTitle to simplify summary code...
2007-09-17 Andreas Monznersize fixes
2007-09-16 Andreas Monznersize fix
2007-09-16 Andreas Monznerreplace old screwed stone skin with Screwed Stone II...
2007-09-13 Andreas Monznermove dish screen behind subtitle screen (this fixes...
2007-09-13 Andreas Monznerrevert previous (non working) clipping fix
2007-09-13 Andreas Monznermake DishScreen transparent... this fixes a clipping...
2007-08-06 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to select between different list styles...
2007-08-04 Andreas Monznerfix not visible rotor movement pixmap
2007-07-31 Andreas Monzneradd graphical multiepg plugin (like e1)
2007-07-28 Andreas Monznersmall fix for better look
2007-07-23 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded
2007-07-23 Andreas Monznersmall size fix
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznershow progress and current time in servicelist event...
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznershow event information of current selected event in...
2007-07-15 Andreas Monznerfix PIP
2007-07-11 Felix Domke(ralfk) add sh_arrowup and long_key for help screen
2007-07-10 Andreas Monznerfix size calculation and centering of choiceboxes
2007-06-04 Andreas Monznershow four tuners in about dialog (when avail)
2007-06-04 Andreas Monznerincrease height of tuner configuration dialog
2007-05-29 Andreas Monznershow current visible cislot number
2007-05-29 Andreas Monznerfix for more than one CI
2007-05-20 Felix Domkeslot -> tuner
2007-04-12 Felix Domkefollow language list changes
2007-03-26 Andreas Monznerre-add (unused) blinking point in radio infobar to...
2007-03-24 Andreas Monzneradd a radiomode background picture (mvi file.. changable in
2007-03-19 Stefan Plueckennetwork setup rewrite... adds support for multiple...
2007-01-24 Felix Domkeservice menu layout fix
2007-01-22 Andreas Monznermove lcd windowstyle to skin_default.xml (fast workarou...
2006-12-19 Stefan Plueckenadd IpkgInstaller Media Scanner plugin
2006-12-18 Stefan Plueckenfix sleep timer label lengths
2006-11-19 Felix Domkeabout layout fix
2006-11-12 Stefan Plueckenadding a sleep timer
2006-11-11 Felix Domkefix
2006-11-11 Felix Domkelayout fix for main menu, until we have something better