add flac and mp4
[enigma2.git] / lib / python / Components /
2008-10-28 Andreas Frischadd flac and mp4
2008-09-06 Andreas Monznerremove duplicate avi entry
2008-07-11 Andreas Monznerfix some imports
2008-07-09 Andreas Monznerre-add isTop param to FileList and use it in MediaPlaye...
2008-07-04 Andreas Monzneradd support for avi/mkv .... please note that not all...
2008-07-02 Andreas Monzner#
2008-06-26 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to choose record location on timer...
2008-06-04 Andreas Monznerfix bluescreen when path not exits
2008-04-14 Andreas Monznerbetter handling for eServiceFS file extensions
2008-02-20 Felix Domkefix_detecting_mountpoint_in_filelist.patch by Moritz...
2008-02-15 Andreas Monznerfix
2008-02-15 Andreas Monznerwhitespace fixes,
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefactor out loadPNG into generic LoadPixmap
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-07-11 Felix Domke(ralfk) add getCurrentEvent to Filelist
2007-06-11 Felix Domkeadd support for hotplug partitions. partitions/filesyst...
2007-05-18 Felix Domkeadd getSelectionIndex
2007-04-12 Felix Domkefollow itemHeight changes
2006-12-19 Andreas Monznersome python import cleanups
2006-11-22 Andreas Monznersome picplayer fixes
2006-11-18 Felix Domkedon't crash when list is empty. Add 'list of storage...
2006-11-10 Felix Domkeselect directory on .. (and first entry otherewise...
2006-06-29 Stefan Plueckensort files and directories in FileList
2006-06-27 Andreas Monzneradd some skin fixes/extensions made by Nemesis (thanks...
2006-06-18 Stefan Plueckenadd support for opening m3u, pls, extended m3u and...
2006-05-01 Felix Domkesimplify GUIcreate/createWidget, fix base class order
2006-03-23 Stefan Pluecken- switchtimer added to RecordingTimer
2006-03-05 Felix Domkefix absolute paths to be relative
2006-02-22 Stefan Plueckensorting the FileList
2006-02-22 Stefan Plueckenbetter detection of file extensions
2006-02-22 Stefan Plueckenadd some extension-icons
2006-02-21 Stefan Plueckenadd ability to use regular expressions to filter files...
2006-02-21 Stefan Plueckenadd FileList component for browsing files and directories