don't use string concatenation within translation brackets
[enigma2.git] / po / da.po
2010-01-23 ghostMerge branch 'bug_414_spinner_recording_paths' into...
2010-01-22 ghostMerge branch 'bug_411_timeshift_disable_without_live...
2010-01-19 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/bug_383_softwaremanager' into...
2010-01-19 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/bug_383_softwaremanager' into...
2010-01-06 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/translations' into experimental
2010-01-06 acid-burnpo/da.po: update Danish translation. Thx Ingmar Jørgensen
2010-01-02 ghostMerge remote branch 'origin/bug_306_sort_by_date' into...
2010-01-02 ghostMerge remote branch 'origin/bug_348_dvdburn_residenttas...
2010-01-02 ghostMerge branch 'bug_274_disable_fast_winding_for_non_ts'
2009-12-31 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/bug_112_enable_extensions_manager...
2009-12-30 ghostMerge branch 'bug_293_indicate_unhandled_key' into...
2009-12-30 ghostMerge branch 'bug_274_disable_fast_winding_for_non_ts...
2009-12-30 ghostMerge branch 'bug_262_no_more_ask_50hz' into experimental
2009-12-29 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/bug_112_enable_extensions_manager...
2009-12-29 acid-burnMerge commit 'origin/bug_112_enable_extensions_manager...
2009-12-28 acid-burnMerge branch 'translations' into experimental
2009-12-28 acid-burnEnigma2/PO: - general translation update to move in...
2009-12-22 ghostMerge branch 'bug_246_cutlistedit'
2009-12-22 ghostMerge branch 'bug_271_ac3pcm_delay_servicemp3'
2009-12-22 ghostMerge branch 'bug_236_recordpath'
2009-12-03 ghostMerge branch 'master' into bug_245_record_playback_fixes
2009-11-16 ghostMerge branch '2.6' of
2009-11-16 acid-burnEnigma2: - general Translation update to move in new...
2009-11-08 ghostMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist'
2009-11-08 ghostMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist' into...
2009-11-07 ghostMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist' into...
2009-11-07 ghostMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist'
2009-11-07 Stefan PlueckenMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist'
2009-11-06 Stefan PlueckenMerge branch 'bug_258_sorting_of_configsatlist'
2009-11-06 ghostMerge branch 'experimental' of git://git.opendreambox...
2009-11-06 acid-burnMerge branch 'bug_140_move_WirelessLan_and__NetworkWiza...
2009-11-06 acid-burnEnigma2: - general Translation update to move in new...
2009-10-09 Felix Domkeupdate languages: lt,sv,da,uk,is,nl
2009-09-03 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-03 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-03 Felix Domkeda,lt,es,fi,it language update
2009-09-03 Stefan PlueckenMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-04 ghostadd slovakian language
2009-07-30 ghostgeneral language update to merge in new translatable...
2009-07-06 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2009-07-03 Felix DomkeLanguage update: da,fr,it,lt,pl,sv,tr - thanks!
2009-05-20 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2009-05-18 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2009-03-31 Felix DomkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into tmbinc/FixTimingBugs
2009-03-27 ghostMerge branch 'master' of
2009-03-26 Felix Domkeupdate languages: lt,sv,tr,da,pl,nl,it,es,ru
2009-02-16 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' of /home/tmbinc/enigma2-git into...
2009-02-15 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' of /home/tmbinc/enigma2-git
2009-02-15 Felix Domkegeneric language update. This now also contains enigma2...
2009-02-11 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' of /home/tmbinc/enigma2-git into...
2008-12-08 ghostMerge branch 'master' into dvd_scale_test
2008-12-08 Fraxinasget rid off trailing colon : from translatable strings...
2008-11-26 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-11-26 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-11-26 Felix Domkeupdate tr,da,lt language
2008-11-17 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' into tmbinc/FixTimingBugs
2008-11-14 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-11-14 Felix Domkesync languages for new strings
2008-11-12 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-11-12 ghostremove duplicate translations
2008-11-12 ghostmore flexible diseqc / sat config
2008-10-28 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt,pl,es,fi locale
2008-10-28 Andreas Monznerrevert unneeded translation changes
2008-10-28 Andreas Monznercleanup eConsoleAppContainer code.. execute is now...
2008-10-23 Felix Domkefix typo / update fr.po
2008-10-23 Felix Domkeupdate da,sv,fr,lt language; this time hopefully the...
2008-10-23 Felix Domkeupdate da,sv,fr,lt language
2008-10-13 Felix Domkegeneric language update / update sv,fr,pl / fix typo
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix linguistic syntax
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix service scan translation
2008-06-21 Andreas Monznerrevert unmeant translation changes
2008-06-21 Andreas Monzneruse another function to initial import (this...
2008-06-11 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-06-11 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt language
2008-06-10 Andreas Monzneradd MultiPixmap... like MultiColorLabel
2008-06-05 Felix Domkeupdate nl,da language
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeupdate sv,fr,da language
2008-05-30 Andreas Monznerfix some translations
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznerfix text also in translations
2008-05-19 Felix Domkeupdate pl,es,da,sv language
2008-04-17 Felix Domkeupdate da,sv language
2008-04-07 Stefan Pluecken"selction" => "selection"
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznermore translations
2008-03-30 Andreas Monzneryet another translation update
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenallow language selection in video wizard
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznerchange "Behaviour" to "Behavior" in all files ... inclu...
2008-03-29 Andreas Monznerlanguage fixes
2008-03-28 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt language
2008-03-28 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-03-28 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2008-03-27 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-03-27 Felix Domkeupdate da,hu language
2008-03-13 Felix Domkeda language update
2008-02-26 Felix Domkeupdate lt,da,fi,es language
2008-02-19 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-02-17 Felix Domkeupdate da,fi language
2008-01-27 Felix Domkelanguage update: hr,da,cs,lt
2008-01-25 Felix Domkesync languages
2008-01-22 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2007-12-23 Felix Domkeupdate 'da' language