avoid future redundant code by moving functionality for tuner status display to a...
[enigma2.git] / lib / python / Components / __init__.py
2006-04-04 Stefan Plueckenavoid future redundant code by moving functionality...
2006-02-24 Felix Domketurn magic into python
2006-02-21 Stefan Plueckenadd FileList component for browsing files and directories
2006-01-25 Stefan Plueckenadded a sanity check for timer editor (no functionality...
2005-11-18 Felix Domkeadd help stuff
2005-11-17 Stefan Plueckenparsing for /etc/timezone.xml added
2005-11-12 Andreas Monzneradd ScrollLabel component
2005-11-10 Ronny Strutzfixed biggest bug ever
2005-11-09 Ronny Strutzadd LCD
2005-11-07 Stefan Plueckenadd TimerEntry for later use in TimerEdit
2005-10-05 Ronny Strutzadded nimmanager
2005-09-29 Felix Domkeadd DiskInfo component
2005-09-02 Stefan Plueckennetwork setup ConfigList style
2005-09-02 Stefan Plueckennetwork setup stuff
2005-08-28 Ronny Strutzadded setup screens
2005-08-17 Felix Domke - add ServicePosition
2005-07-29 Felix Domke - add movie selector
2005-05-14 Felix Domke - work on timers
2005-05-05 Felix Domke - split of Components into different files