do nothing when old and new service is equal
[enigma2.git] / lib / python / Tools /
2007-07-18 Felix Domke(ralfk) user defined skip times with 1/3, add 1/3 to...
2007-07-11 Felix Domkeshow 'l' keypresses in helpscreen
2007-07-11 Felix Domke(ralfk) add some more keys (including shifted ones)
2007-06-19 Felix Domkeuse domain, provide removeKeyBindings for a domain
2006-07-12 Andreas Monznerfix arrow positions
2006-07-11 Andreas Monzneradd KEY_TEXT
2006-07-11 Andreas Monznerfix some arrow positions for help
2006-05-25 Andreas Monzneradd missing positions for < > key
2006-02-15 Felix Domkenew help
2006-01-30 Felix Domkesome more key descriptions
2005-11-19 Felix Domkehelp: improve key description, a bit.
2005-11-18 Felix Domkehelplist: keys are not anymore secret, at least not...