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[enigma2.git] / lib / python / Plugins / SystemPlugins /
2008-10-20 Andreas Frischadd building of NFIFlash plugin, but display only for...
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenadd DefaultServicesScanner plugin to do automatic servi...
2008-02-27 Felix Domkeadd Hotplug plugin
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeadd VideoTune plugin
2007-12-21 Felix Domkeadd videomode plugin to makefile
2007-03-21 Stefan Plueckenremove wireless plugin
2007-03-20 Stefan Plueckensome fixes for the new network configuration
2007-03-19 Stefan Plueckenremove wireless plugin
2007-03-19 Stefan Plueckennetwork setup rewrite... adds support for multiple...
2007-02-15 Andreas Monzneradd (Expert) Satellite Equipment Setup for change some
2006-10-10 Felix Domkeadd reichi's skin selector
2006-07-01 Stefan Plueckenadd a quick & dirty satfinder
2006-03-24 Stefan Plueckenremove old softwareupdate from configure and makefile...
2006-03-05 Felix Domkeadd ConfigurationBackup
2006-02-27 Stefan Pluecken- add positioner plugin (just basic gui atm)
2006-02-25 Stefan Plueckenreadd old software update to ensure update capability...
2006-02-23 Stefan Plueckenremove files and create them on the fly
2006-02-23 Stefan Plueckenrecursively search for plugins
2006-02-22 Stefan Plueckencleanup the plugins to fit the new namespace