preprocessor statement fix
[enigma2.git] / lib / service / servicemp3.cpp
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischpreprocessor statement fix
2008-10-12 Andreas Frischfix (S)VCD playback by adding cdxa-unwrapper element
2008-10-09 Andreas Frischimplement parsing of srt subtitles with 8859-15 encoding
2008-10-07 Andreas Frischmove #endif of HAVE_GSTREAMER to the end of code
2008-10-06 Andreas Monznerfix compiler warnings
2008-10-06 Andreas Frischfix parsing of external .srt subtitle files
2008-10-06 Andreas Frischsubtitle bugfixes
2008-10-06 Andreas FrischFixes with audio codec and subtitles detection and...
2008-10-04 Andreas Monznerfix some compiler warnings
2008-10-03 Andreas FrischAllow playback of VCD (Video CD) and SVCD
2008-10-02 Andreas Frischcheck for presence of a correspondant .srt subtitle...
2008-10-02 Andreas Frischadd basic mkv inline ssa/ass subtitle support
2008-10-01 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to delete all playable files in movielist..
2008-09-25 Andreas Frischfix pause, introduce rudimentary fast forward and get...
2008-09-25 Andreas Frischfix crash (since audioselection) on playing audio only...
2008-09-24 Andreas Frischfix crash in language tag parsing
2008-09-23 Andreas Frischfix crashes (e.g. on missing gst-plugin-selector)
2008-09-22 Andreas FrischAdd basic AudioSelection support for video containers
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischerror handling for unsupported video stream types
2008-08-06 Andreas Frischallow mono playback. this might possibly break playback...
2008-07-30 Andreas Frischtry using cdiocddasrc for external usb optical drives...
2008-07-25 Andreas FrischDisplay actual song names for Audio CDs with CD-Text...
2008-07-24 Andreas FrischFix Mediaplayer crash for WAV playback and add basic...
2008-07-04 Andreas Monzneradd support for avi/mkv .... please note that not all...
2008-05-15 Felix Domkelimit gstreamer queue memory size
2008-04-21 Andreas Monzneradd seekTitle to iSeekableService interface
2008-04-15 Andreas Monzneradd seekChapter method to iSeekableService interface
2008-04-14 Andreas Monznerbetter handling for eServiceFS file extensions
2007-08-06 Felix Domkeint -> size_t
2007-08-06 Felix Domkebetter getName for gstreamer-based services
2007-07-25 Felix Domkeuse 'id3demux'/'mad' for decoding mp3files instead...
2007-04-11 Felix Domkefire evUpdatedInfo after receiving a tag list
2007-03-17 Felix Domkedon't crash when no libneonhttpsrc installed
2006-12-12 Felix Domkelimit queue size
2006-12-02 Felix Domkeenable http automatic redirects (requires very recent...
2006-11-30 Felix Domkeuse location for neonhttpsrc
2006-11-29 Felix Domkeadd support for fluendo ts/ps demux (preferred above...
2006-11-29 Felix Domkeforce channels to 2, should/could fix mono mp3
2006-10-17 Felix Domkefollow driver changes
2006-06-02 Felix Domkeadd support for playing back videos with the not-yet...
2006-04-08 Felix Domkeadd dummy setTarget, add skip support
2006-03-24 Stefan Plueckendisplay id3 tags in media player
2006-03-22 Felix Domkeadd tag information for audio files
2006-03-16 Felix Domkeuse gstreamer for playing media files
2006-01-26 Felix Domkefollow service event changes
2005-12-08 Felix Domkeadd slowmotion / fast forward
2005-12-05 Andreas Monzneradd support for Linkage services ( Premiere Subservices )
2005-12-03 Andreas Monzneradd support for read signal quality, power and biterror...
2005-11-14 Felix Domkeadd audio track selection
2005-09-29 Felix Domkeconsistently use iServiceHandler instead of eServiceCen...
2005-09-29 Felix Domkeadd offline operations to services
2005-08-17 Felix Domke - add iSeekableService, implement it for serviceDvb
2005-08-16 Felix Domke - add getLength() call to iStaticServiceInformation
2005-05-18 Felix Domke - split iStaticServiceInformation against iServiceInfo...
2005-02-07 Felix Domke - added iStaticServiceInformation
2005-01-31 Felix Domke - fixed dvb scan
2004-10-01 Felix Domke - add python, missing gui
2004-09-25 Felix Domke - new GUI lib
2004-06-02 Felix Domke - disabled gui for a moment
2004-05-23 Felix Domke - eConnections holds reference to object
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadded nav core
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2