Merge branch 'master' of
[enigma2.git] / lib / python / Screens /
2008-11-10 Felix DomkeMerge branch 'master' of
2008-11-10 acid-burnremove unneeded calls to iNetwork.getinterfaces
2008-11-10 FraxinasMerge branch 'master' of fraxinas@git.opendreambox...
2008-11-07 acid-burnfix typos
2008-11-06 acid-burnbetter async handling
2008-11-06 acid-burnfix typo
2008-11-06 acid-burnremove debug
2008-11-06 Mladen Horvatsome fixes
2008-11-06 Acid-Burnadd virtual keyboard as easy input help
2008-10-23 Felix Domkefix typo
2008-10-03 Andreas FrischActionmap fix on behalf of Acid-Burn
2008-10-02 Andreas Monznersmall fixes
2008-09-30 Andreas MonznerNetworksetup update
2008-08-26 Andreas Monznernetwork setup fixes
2008-08-14 Andreas Monznersome small fixes
2008-07-21 Andreas Monznerre-add listupdate after defaultinterface change
2008-07-21 Andreas Monznerdont use os.system when not needed,
2008-07-21 Andreas Monznernetworksetup update, add missing .cvsignores
2008-07-12 Andreas Monznerdont show WLAN Status when WLAN IF is not up
2008-07-11 Andreas Monzneradd missing def run... (for network wizard)
2008-07-11 Andreas Monznerupdate network setup
2008-07-03 Andreas Monznerfix deathscreen when opening wlan network list (ssid...
2008-06-13 Andreas Monznernetworksetup fixes / cleanups
2008-06-10 Andreas Monznercleanup code
2008-06-10 Andreas Monzneruse MultiPixmaps and MultiColorLabels in Network Setup
2008-06-03 Felix Domkefix typos
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeadapter setup update
2008-05-29 Felix DomkeNetworkSetup: fix help onleft/right, fix reload
2008-05-29 Felix Domkeadd new network config
2008-02-11 Felix Domkedo not crash when attributes are not present; replace...
2007-11-26 Stefan PlueckenAlways show ip address/gateway/netmask in network setti...
2007-11-26 Andreas Monznerremove debug output
2007-11-26 Andreas Monzneronly show network adapter list when more than one adapt...
2007-10-26 Felix Domkeshow friendly name for network adapter name
2007-10-26 Felix Domkewhitespace fixes
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-03-20 Stefan Plueckensome fixes for the new network configuration
2007-03-20 Stefan Plueckenallow setting a menu entry name for network setup plugins
2007-03-19 Stefan Plueckenplugins are now able to add device specific text to...
2007-03-19 Stefan Plueckennetwork setup rewrite... adds support for multiple...
2006-10-18 Andreas Monznerworkaround for not working /etc/init.d/network script
2006-10-06 Felix Domkefinally fix priorities: ConfigListScreen's action must...
2006-10-02 Felix Domkeconfig rewrite. some extensions still need to be updated.
2006-02-20 Felix Domkefix newline
2005-12-23 Stefan Plueckentranslations
2005-12-16 Stefan Plueckenfix some more _() comparisons
2005-11-29 Stefan Plueckenfix network-setting (tested now... not yet complete...
2005-11-17 Stefan Plueckentranslations
2005-11-17 Stefan Plueckensome basic language support (already working a bit)
2005-10-15 Stefan Plueckenadd single satellite scan to userinterface
2005-10-12 Stefan Plueckenadd NumberActionMap for better input of numbers
2005-10-12 Stefan Pluecken- added resolv.conf parsing
2005-10-11 Stefan Plueckenget network config from /etc/network/interfaces
2005-10-11 Stefan Plueckenreenable editing of network settings by adding an actio...
2005-10-11 Stefan Plueckenadd additional argument to the configElement constructo...
2005-10-11 Stefan Plueckenmove network setup into a dynamic configlist