fix linguistic syntax
[enigma2.git] / po / lt.po
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix linguistic syntax
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix service scan translation
2008-09-23 Andreas Monznerupdate lithuanian translation
2008-07-28 Andreas Monznerupdate lithuanian translation
2008-06-25 Andreas Monznerupdate lithuanian, polish and french translations
2008-06-21 Andreas Monznerrevert unmeant translation changes
2008-06-21 Andreas Monzneruse another function to initial import (this...
2008-06-18 Andreas Monznerupdate lithuanian translation
2008-06-11 Felix Domkeupdate fr,lt language
2008-06-11 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt language
2008-06-10 Andreas Monzneradd MultiPixmap... like MultiColorLabel
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznerfix text also in translations
2008-04-07 Stefan Pluecken"selction" => "selection"
2008-03-30 Andreas Monzneryet another translation update
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenallow language selection in video wizard
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznerchange "Behaviour" to "Behavior" in all files ... inclu...
2008-03-29 Andreas Monznerlanguage fixes
2008-03-28 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt language
2008-03-28 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2008-03-15 Felix Domkeupdate fi,fr,lt language
2008-03-13 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2008-02-27 Felix Domkeupdate lt,pt language
2008-02-26 Felix Domkeupdate lt,da,fi,es language
2008-02-21 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2008-02-19 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2008-01-27 Felix Domkelanguage update: hr,da,cs,lt
2008-01-25 Felix Domkesync languages
2008-01-03 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-12-22 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-11-11 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-11-08 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-11-08 Felix Domkesync language, add TRANSLATOR_INFO
2007-11-08 Felix Domkeupdate lt,hr language
2007-10-15 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-10-10 Felix Domke update da,lt language
2007-08-26 Felix Domkeupdate lt,da language
2007-08-07 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-07-29 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-07-28 Felix Domkeadd lt language, thanks to Adga