dynamic update demux setting in running ca services (change demux mask in capmt and...
[enigma2.git] / lib / dvb / pmt.h
2005-11-19 Andreas Monznerdynamic update demux setting in running ca services...
2005-11-09 Felix Domkedifferentiate between failures while and after tuning
2005-10-26 Felix Domke - add PMT pid to program info
2005-10-15 Felix Domkeadd demux handling (for decoder and record)
2005-09-30 Andreas Monznerimplement /tmp/camd.socket support
2005-09-30 Andreas Monzneruse libdvbsi++ from tuxbox-cvs,
2005-08-17 Felix Domke - add iSeekableService, implement it for serviceDvb
2005-08-15 Andreas Monzneradd pid cache
2005-07-28 Felix Domke - add prelim. pvr playback.
2005-07-12 Felix Domke - add eUsePtr for eDVBChannels
2005-04-30 Felix Domke - add ts recorder
2005-04-28 Felix Domke - add dvb resource management
2005-02-13 Felix Domke - started work on EIT
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2