2008-09-29 Andreas Frischdon't display clock on LCD/OLED for MessageBoxes anymor...
2008-09-27 Andreas Monznerread aspect, width, height, framerate and progressive...
2008-09-27 Andreas Monznerfix "stop and show movielist"
2008-09-26 Andreas FrischAdd DVDToolbox for DVD medium info and RW formatting
2008-09-26 Andreas Frischadd DVDBurn to Plugin Menu
2008-09-26 Andreas Frischfix mkisofs syntax and fix menu layout so that titles...
2008-09-25 Andreas Frischfix pause, introduce rudimentary fast forward and get...
2008-09-25 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2008-09-25 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to query current progressive / framerat...
2008-09-25 Andreas Frischfix crash (since audioselection) on playing audio only...
2008-09-24 Andreas Frischfix crash in language tag parsing
2008-09-24 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2008-09-23 Andreas Frischfix crashes (e.g. on missing gst-plugin-selector)
2008-09-23 Andreas Monznerupdate lithuanian translation
2008-09-23 Andreas Monznerupdate italian translation
2008-09-22 Felix Domkebadvaddr went away, and to be honest, we don't care...
2008-09-22 Felix Domkesnprintf is not std::
2008-09-22 Andreas FrischAdd basic AudioSelection support for video containers
2008-09-22 Felix Domkelinking XMLCCWRAP with gcc might fail, so switch language
2008-09-22 Felix Domkealso handle -isystem
2008-09-22 Felix Domkeupdate fr language
2008-09-22 Felix Domkemake cutlist editor message translateable
2008-09-19 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-09-18 Andreas Monznerfixes
2008-09-18 Andreas Frischgerman locale update for Task & DVDBurn
2008-09-18 Andreas Frischfix multiple menu jobs, allow title adding without...
2008-09-17 Andreas FrischCreateMenu is now a task of its own
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischdon't crash when python-imaging not installed
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischerror handling for unsupported video stream types
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischfix service type
2008-09-17 Andreas FrischSave Playlist on Exit as default
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischchange handling of non-mp2 hotplugged videos
2008-09-16 Andreas Frischnewlines at the end of files especially for sat-man ^^
2008-09-16 Andreas Frischallow burning videos (also H.264) to data DVDs
2008-09-15 Andreas Frischignore mplex buffer underruns since they apperently...
2008-09-15 Andreas Frischdon't offer to retry non-recoverable tasks & error...
2008-09-15 Andreas FrischLocale update for DVDBurn
2008-09-15 Andreas Frischdisallow non-mpeg2 video streams for dvdburn
2008-09-12 Andreas Frischupdate string in locale and remove a debug
2008-09-12 Andreas Frischadd DVDBurn to be built automatically
2008-09-12 Andreas FrischPath and template fixes
2008-09-11 Andreas Frischread audio stream formats and descriptions from PMT...
2008-09-11 Andreas Monzneralso enable pat scan for automatic sdt scan on channel...
2008-09-11 Andreas Monznerfix segfault
2008-09-11 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to disable debug output
2008-09-11 Andreas Frischtry to fix charset bug
2008-09-10 Andreas Monznersmall pat/pmt scan fix
2008-09-10 Andreas Monzneruse 4 seconds for pat and pmt timeout instead of 20...
2008-09-09 Andreas Frischadd auto chapter splitting, remove some debug
2008-09-09 Andreas Frischshow avi (divx) files in browser and add to filescanner
2008-09-08 Andreas Monznerreplace eFatal (which can occour during servicescan...
2008-09-06 Andreas Monznerremove duplicate avi entry
2008-09-06 Andreas Monznerallow more complicated sat configuration
2008-09-06 Andreas Monzneruse correct voltage/tone settings
2008-09-05 Andreas Frischremove debug messages
2008-09-05 Andreas FrischDVDBurner german locale
2008-09-05 Andreas Monznerdont start timers as recurring timers... this is better...
2008-09-05 Andreas Frischadditional service information for DVD menu and fixes
2008-09-05 Andreas Frischadd ProjectSettings class
2008-09-05 Andreas Monznerset static powerlimiting every time when diseqc is...
2008-09-05 Andreas Frischintroduce a collection settings screen, delivery of...
2008-09-04 Andreas Frischcatch full medium error, implement loading of project...
2008-09-04 Andreas Monznerupdate polish and dutch translation
2008-09-04 Andreas Frischallow recursive (-p) directory creation
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischfix hardcoded path bug, prettify xml output
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischfix cuesheets, add multiple menu pages support, add...
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischadd menu background silent audio ES and vmgm PS
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischautomatically start playback when called with one dvd_f...
2008-09-03 Andreas Frischfit a widget size
2008-09-02 Andreas Frischemit seperate signals for stdout and stderr pipes,...
2008-09-02 Stefan Plueckenfix possible "list index out of range"
2008-08-30 Andreas Monznerchange network scan default value to yes for multisat...
2008-08-30 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-08-30 Andreas Monznerfix no more working teletext / ac3
2008-08-29 Andreas Monznerignore some descriptors when the streamtype is already...
2008-08-29 Andreas Monznerremove workarounds to detect buggy fp driver / atmel...
2008-08-28 Andreas Monznerrevert local change
2008-08-28 Andreas Monznerfix tune failed problems on fast zap
2008-08-27 Andreas Monzneruse frontend type infomation in /proc/nim_sockets to...
2008-08-27 Andreas Monznersmall pat scan fix
2008-08-27 Andreas Monzneruse a reference instead of a local copy
2008-08-27 Andreas Monznerfix write
2008-08-26 Andreas Monznernetwork setup fixes
2008-08-26 Andreas Monzneradd support for dm8000 rtc,
2008-08-25 Andreas Frischallow burning DVDs with multiple titles where playback...
2008-08-25 Andreas Frischallow single tasks in jobs to stay resident and continu...
2008-08-21 Andreas Monznersmall change to detect new stv0288 driver
2008-08-21 Andreas Monzneradd size() method .. to get current desktop size
2008-08-21 Andreas Monzneradd box detection as fallback when /proc/stb/info is...
2008-08-21 Andreas Monznersimpler translation
2008-08-21 Andreas Monznerupdate french language
2008-08-21 Andreas Monznermake menu text translatable
2008-08-19 Andreas Monzneradd dm8000 vcr scartswitch support
2008-08-19 Andreas Monznerfix for dm800 oled
2008-08-19 Andreas Monzneradd support for /proc/stb/fp/oled_brightness
2008-08-19 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded notifier call
2008-08-18 Andreas Monznerrotor turing without power measure fixes
2008-08-18 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2008-08-18 Andreas Frischfilebrowser now ends up in previous directory again...
2008-08-18 Andreas Frischspeed up resume (allows skipping into titles) *remember...