2007-01-12 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2007-01-12 Andreas Monznerget rid of unneede global keywords
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerfix rfmod audio (on and off was swapped)
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerremove debug output
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerfix bluescreen
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerfilter short name brakets in getContent ('N')
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerdo not call and create any python object when no python...
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerrevert local debug changes
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix epgsearch
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix prev stupid change
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerhide NimA and NimB icon when no more tuner is in use
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix no more working displaying of used tuner for foregr...
2007-01-10 Andreas Monznernon critical fixes (better memory handling)
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd getHTML to ConfigIP
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd StreamingM3U
2007-01-09 Andreas Monznerno more hold unneeded descriptors in epgcache (lower...
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd StaticText source, which can be used as a simple...
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd streaming link. you still need streamproxy (streamp...
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd dynamic m3u playlist
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd cvsignore
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeadd web/stream?StreamService=ref to stream service...
2007-01-09 Felix DomkeAdd source and converter for streaming. Source/StreamSe...
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeuse stand alone screens, and call execBegin/execEnd...
2007-01-09 Felix Domkeallow 'stand-alone' screens: they will receive execBegi...
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznerno more crash when wakeup the box from standby
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznergenerate bluescreens on fatal cpp errors (assertions to)
2007-01-08 Andreas Monzneradd some assertions
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznermuch simpler fix..
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznerbetter fix
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznerfix following frequently bluescreen
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznersome thread related fixes
2007-01-08 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2007-01-07 Felix Domkeupdate es language
2007-01-07 Felix Domkeupdate languages (hr,da,is)
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerdo not let the user leave the parental control setup...
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerdisable dvb type filtering by default for bouquets...
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerrevert my language changes
2007-01-07 Andreas Monzneractualize pot file
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznernice code
2007-01-07 Stefan Plueckenfix typos
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerfix text
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerask user before a recordtimer set the box to standby...
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznertake care of running recording before realy shutdown e2
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerdo break lines
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznermore reusable code
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerself.session is already defined by Screen
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznerwork on service events
2007-01-07 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2007-01-06 Andreas Monznerone definition is enough
2007-01-06 Andreas Monzneradd much simpler solution for newly created Socketnotif...
2007-01-06 Stefan Plueckenadd ability to stop currently running repeated timer...
2007-01-05 Stefan Plueckenadd stop key on advanced remote control to open instant...
2007-01-05 Stefan Plueckenfix return type
2007-01-05 Stefan Plueckenfix compile error:
2007-01-05 Andreas Monznerdo not restart previous tv service when leave standby
2007-01-05 Felix Domkefix refcounts
2007-01-05 Felix Domkeadd iStreamableService
2007-01-05 Felix Domkeadd eDVBServicePMTHandler::program::createPythonObject
2007-01-05 Andreas Monznersmall cleanuo
2007-01-05 Felix Domkeca language update
2007-01-04 Andreas Monzneradd some assertions
2007-01-04 Andreas Monznerfix for use getError from python
2007-01-04 Andreas Monznerdo not clear previous error on getError()..
2007-01-04 Andreas Monznerdisable ePyObject refcount debug by default
2007-01-03 Felix Domkeupdate czech language
2007-01-03 Andreas Monznerremove ugly HACK
2007-01-03 Andreas Monznerfix segfault on zap with active timeshift
2007-01-03 Felix Domkeworkaround: don't use host include path. this needs...
2007-01-02 Felix Domkestandby clock
2007-01-02 Andreas Monzneradd support for python threads (python threads are...
2006-12-31 Andreas Monznernicer code
2006-12-31 Andreas Monznerdo not show timeshift state when timeshift is not running
2006-12-31 Andreas Monznerfix non working timeshift
2006-12-31 Andreas Monznerfix for blocking file eraser on e2 shutdown
2006-12-31 Andreas Monzneralways show timeshift state when infobar is visible...
2006-12-31 Felix Domkeadd missing invert
2006-12-30 Andreas Monznerfix for recorded files
2006-12-30 Andreas Monznersend evStart before tuneFailed Events..
2006-12-29 Andreas Monznershow current running event in channelist not only in...
2006-12-27 Andreas Monznerfix bluescreen in some conditions
2006-12-27 Andreas Monznerfix possibility for bluescreen
2006-12-27 Andreas Monznerworkaround for incorrect west/east flags in NIT entries
2006-12-26 Andreas Monzneradd missing import
2006-12-26 Andreas Monzner15 msec delay between disable tone and send diseqc
2006-12-26 Andreas Monznerdisable tone before send diseqc command
2006-12-26 Andreas Monznersmall rotor diseqc fix
2006-12-24 Andreas Monznerbugfix: no more remove any sat transponder when cable...
2006-12-23 Felix Domkedon't crash when service information is unavailable
2006-12-23 Felix Domkespanish language update
2006-12-23 Andreas Monznerdo not scan transponders without SDT more than once...
2006-12-22 Andreas Monznerno bluescreen with old drivers
2006-12-22 Andreas Monznershow Videoformat in ServiceInfo Dialog in human readabl...
2006-12-22 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded double dot
2006-12-22 Andreas Monznerfix
2006-12-22 Andreas Monzneradd "show transponder" info to service context menu...
2006-12-22 Felix Domkeupdate nl language