2008-04-17 Andreas Monznermake some operator functions const
2008-04-17 Andreas Monznerremove deprecated and unused code
2008-04-16 Felix Domkeremove InfoBarEvent initialization, which is gone now
2008-04-16 Andreas FrischInfobar toggleable with OK key and remember last file...
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznerdont crash when no or empty cables.xml is available
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznerfix Makefiles
2008-04-16 Andreas Monznertry to detect transponders with a to slow or to fast...
2008-04-16 Andreas Monzneruse clock_gettime for internal timers instead of gettim...
2008-04-16 Felix Domkefix colors
2008-04-15 Felix Domkesimple tool to use SVG to prototype skins
2008-04-15 Felix Domkeby Nemesis: remove obsolete source in CutlistEditor...
2008-04-15 Felix Domkemake our lifes a bit more colorful.
2008-04-15 Felix Domkerelayout a bit
2008-04-15 Andreas Monznerfix servicedvd.so install (now the directory is created...
2008-04-15 Andreas Monznerdont show infobar when a dvd menu is visible
2008-04-15 Andreas Monznerdont build dvdplugin when dreamdvd lib ist not available
2008-04-15 Andreas Monznerremove no more exist Makefile
2008-04-15 Andreas Monzneradd DVDPlayer plugin (not final yet)
2008-04-15 Andreas Monzneradd seekChapter method to iSeekableService interface
2008-04-15 Andreas Monzneradd icon mainmenu icon for dvd player (not final version)
2008-04-15 Andreas Monzneradd icon for dvd player
2008-04-14 Felix DomkeAdd TaskView, a screen to display job progress
2008-04-14 Felix DomkeAdd 'Tasks' for controlled execution of multiple extern...
2008-04-14 Felix Domkeemit changed when text changes (not so static anymore)
2008-04-14 Felix Domkeadd 'progress' source, 'progress to text' converter
2008-04-14 Andreas Monznerbetter handling for eServiceFS file extensions
2008-04-14 Andreas Monznerremove deprecated code (deprecation date was 2008-01...
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeadd new png directories
2008-04-13 Felix Domkepng cleanup by nemsis, png move/changes
2008-04-13 Felix Domkepng cleanup by nemesis, source changes.
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeremove 'Header', it's obsolete and unused
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeadd support for writing python strings directly
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeuse 'Console' font in console window
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeuse TemplatedMultiContent for language selection
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeadd TemplatedMultiContent converter
2008-04-13 Felix Domkeadd 'templates' in listboxcontent, to split the layout...
2008-04-10 Felix Domkeset fastblank correctly
2008-04-10 Felix Domkeallow setting a videomode directly with 1(=720p),2...
2008-04-10 Felix Domkeupdate sv language
2008-04-09 Andreas FrischAdd ServicePosition arguments Detailed, Negate, ShowHou...
2008-04-08 Andreas Oberritterexperimental support for freetype 2.1.x and newer versions
2008-04-08 Felix Domkeupdate hu, fr language
2008-04-07 Stefan Pluecken"selction" => "selection"
2008-04-06 Stefan Plueckenadd translation choser (on pressing the red button...
2008-04-06 Stefan Plueckensome translation fixes (thx to Jens Seidel)
2008-04-06 Felix Domkeprovide better way of passing arguments to 'execute'
2008-04-06 Felix Domkeupdate pl translation
2008-04-06 Felix Domkeupdate hu language
2008-04-04 Andreas Monznerfix tabs
2008-04-04 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded minBackwardSpeed check... the min speed...
2008-04-04 Andreas Monznerupdate czech translations
2008-04-02 Andreas Monznerupdate french translation
2008-04-02 Andreas Monznerupdate icelandic translations
2008-04-01 Andreas Monznerupdate icelandic translations
2008-04-01 Andreas Frischtypos
2008-04-01 Andreas Monznersize fix
2008-03-31 Andreas Monzneradd support for user events and user informations
2008-03-31 Andreas Monznerfix compiler warning
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznermore translations
2008-03-30 Andreas Monzneryet another translation update
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznerfix warning, add missing backslash
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenallow language selection in video wizard
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenadd sanity check on language index
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenadd videowizard.xml to translations
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckendon't grab empty strings in xml2po.py
2008-03-30 Stefan Plueckenallow language references through indexes
2008-03-30 Andreas Monznerchange "Behaviour" to "Behavior" in all files ... inclu...
2008-03-29 Andreas Monzneranother change of policy (with correct aspect ratio)
2008-03-29 Andreas Monznerlanguage fixes
2008-03-29 Andreas Monznerjust scale by default
2008-03-29 Andreas Monznerorder InputChannel list.. (DVI, Scart, YPbPr)
2008-03-28 Felix Domkeupdate da,lt language
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckenrevert changes
2008-03-28 Andreas Monznerfix vsize
2008-03-28 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-03-28 Andreas Monznercleanup
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckenadd missing letter
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckentranslations
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckensome fixes
2008-03-28 Andreas Monznerno service type filtering in bouquets by default (but...
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckentranslate some things
2008-03-28 Stefan Plueckenbehaviour => behavior
2008-03-28 Felix Domkefix for HD channels in userbouquets
2008-03-28 Stefan PlueckenFactoryreset => Factory reset
2008-03-28 Felix Domkegeneric language update
2008-03-27 Andreas Monznermake eSubtitleWidget more flexible
2008-03-27 Andreas Monzneradd iServiceKeys interface (No not what you think ...
2008-03-27 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-03-27 Andreas Oberritterpreparation for translations
2008-03-27 Felix Domkeupdate da,hu language
2008-03-27 Andreas Monzneradd Factory reset
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterfix for SDL, doesn't display any text on the blue scree...
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterdon't abort if /etc/localtime already exists (and enigm...
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterfix: comparison is always true due to limited range...
2008-03-26 Andreas OberrittersetItemHeight() should return void ('make clean' required!)
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterfix: too few arguments for format
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterremoved unused variables 'cnt' and 'protection_bit'
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterremove unused variable 'i'
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterremove unused variable 'delta'
2008-03-25 Felix Domkeuse m_pts_to_offset