2005-04-28 Felix Domke - fix storage of servicelist (cannot be stored as...
2005-04-27 Felix Domke - actionmap component will not catch (wrong) exception...
2005-04-26 Ronny Strutzadded xml-menu
2005-04-26 Ronny Strutzadded keys to infobar for fastzap[tm]
2005-04-26 Ronny Strutzadded some screens / widgets
2005-04-26 Ronny Strutzadded moveUp/moveDown to ServiceList
2005-04-26 Felix Domke - listbox size gets recalculated at the correct position
2005-04-25 Felix Domke - add new listbox content type for multiple strings
2005-04-25 Andreas Monznerdo voltage and tone control in SEC_SEND_SEQUENCE on...
2005-04-25 Andreas Monznerfix build with normal dvb api v1 headers
2005-04-25 Andreas Monzneruninitialized variable
2005-04-21 Felix Domke - improved scan error handling
2005-04-18 Felix Domke - add info-bg.png
2005-04-17 Felix Domke - load palette from png
2005-04-17 Felix Domke - load palette from png
2005-04-15 Andreas Monznerfix build with old api
2005-04-15 Felix Domke - add some demo skin files
2005-04-15 Felix Domke - sdl is now default output
2005-03-31 Felix Domke - fixed blit in gRC
2005-03-30 Felix Domke - widget instance is now part of screen
2005-03-30 Felix Domke - default fonts handled in windowstyle
2005-03-22 Felix Domke - added hack for disabling actions on hidden windows...
2005-03-22 Felix Domke - added background dialogs
2005-03-21 Felix Domkeadded tools
2005-03-21 Felix Domke - fixed filter source (not yet fully implemented anyway)
2005-03-21 Felix Domke - added missing actions (sorry)
2005-03-20 Felix Domke - improved parser
2005-02-27 Felix Domke - hopefully fixed some python/refcount stuff (__deref_...
2005-02-25 Felix Domke - work on actions
2005-02-13 Felix Domke - started work on EIT
2005-02-10 Felix Domke - add "getCurrent" to service listbox
2005-02-10 Felix Domke - fixed lib/Makefile.am for "components" directory
2005-02-09 Felix Domke - fixed console input mode restore
2005-02-07 Felix Domke - added iStaticServiceInformation
2005-01-31 Felix Domke - fixed dvb scan
2005-01-29 Felix Domke - add fake "main menu"
2005-01-29 Felix Domke - minor bugfix (allow empty content)
2005-01-29 Felix Domkefixed refcount of eListboxPythonStringContent
2005-01-28 Felix Domke - added ListBoxContents: based on std::list<std::strin...
2005-01-28 Felix Domke - add listbox
2005-01-27 Andreas Monznerfix
2005-01-27 Felix Domke - add rcconsole key input (for now)
2005-01-26 Andreas Monznernicer code (api v3 / oldapi)
2005-01-26 Felix Domkeupdate python
2005-01-25 Felix Domkeremove xmltree
2005-01-25 Felix Domkeremove lib/content
2005-01-24 Felix Domkeadd python connections
2005-01-23 Felix Domke - allow close of dialog
2005-01-20 Felix Domke - redraw now in idle
2005-01-18 Felix Domkeslightly better example of using the signals (eButton...
2005-01-18 Felix Domkefirst version of PythonSignals - need to be finalized...
2005-01-18 Felix Domkefix small bug introduced with v2 merging
2005-01-13 Felix Domkefirst step for skin support
2005-01-12 Andreas Monznerfixes for old api.. not all tested..
2005-01-12 Andreas Monznerfixes for build with new compiler
2005-01-09 Felix Domke - add more python stuff
2004-12-24 Felix Domkeadd what_to_do
2004-10-01 Felix Domke - add python, missing gui
2004-09-25 Felix Domke - new GUI lib
2004-07-20 Felix Domkeadd gui testbench
2004-07-20 Felix Domkeadd playlist and gdi testbench
2004-07-19 Felix Domkeremove old gui lib
2004-06-02 Felix Domke - disabled gui for a moment
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeyes! ich habs kaputt gemacht! (doesn't compile anymore...
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeadd helper object for eSmartPtr, resolving a race condi...
2004-05-27 Felix Domkefix return value
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeadd virtual destructor because of iObject
2004-05-27 Felix Domkenow i've got it ...
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeremove cli test stuff (not here!)
2004-05-27 Felix Domkere-add ac stuff until we have something better
2004-05-27 Felix Domkemissing fixes
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeadd playlists
2004-05-27 Felix Domkesome cleanup
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeremove
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeremove Makefile.in
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadd more to .cvsignore
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadd .cvsignore
2004-05-23 Felix Domke - eConnections holds reference to object
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadd comments
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeremoved den toten joe
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadded nav core
2004-05-23 Felix Domkeadded cvsignore
2004-03-01 Felix Domkeremove dead files
2003-10-17 Felix Domkefix gPixmap ref, fix usage of gImage
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeadd acinclude.m4 from tuxbox project
2003-10-17 Felix DomkeThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2