2008-06-06 Andreas Monzneronly allow gray pngs or pngs with palette
2008-06-06 Felix Domkeugly messagebox summary screen, choices is still missing
2008-06-06 Felix Domkefix movielist sort bug, by Tero Mannninen
2008-06-06 Felix Domketranslatable ConfigSet, by Tero Manninen
2008-06-05 Felix Domkeupdate nl,da language
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckenadd parameter to saveServicelist
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckencall reloadBouquets instead of loadBouquets
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckenuse reloadBouquets instead of loadBouquets
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckenremove bouquets.tv and userbouquet.favourites.tv from...
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckencall loadBouquet after installing a bouquet
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckenmove loadBouquet and saveServiceList into python visibility
2008-06-05 Stefan Plueckenremove bouquets.tv and userbouquets... from Makefile...
2008-06-05 Andreas Monznerdont crash when the satellites.xml does not exist or...
2008-06-04 Andreas Monznerfix spinner handling
2008-06-04 Andreas Monznerfix bluescreen when path not exits
2008-06-04 Felix Domkecosmetic fixes/workarounds
2008-06-04 Felix Domkepreliminary 'coldplug' support
2008-06-04 Andreas Monzneri forgot to mention that you need current drivers ...
2008-06-04 Andreas Monzneradd support for 480i and 576i... but keep in mind that...
2008-06-04 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-06-03 Felix Domkefix typos
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeadapter setup update
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeextend ping test, fix configuredInterface list
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeadd cleanup call, implement DiskspacePrecondition,...
2008-06-03 Felix Domkesome cleanups
2008-06-03 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-06-03 Felix Domkealso parse user private ES streams, handle REGISTRATION...
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeproper showSinglePic error handling (thanks to Sat...
2008-06-03 Felix Domkeupdate sv,fr,da language
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckenremove unneeded test tags
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckenfix tag prerequisite logic for .info files without...
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckenallow default services lists from /usr/share/enigma2...
2008-06-03 Andreas FrischAdd progress and cwd (working directory) functionality
2008-06-03 Stefan Pluecken - remove some comments
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckenuncomment non-commented comment
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckenallow installing from multiple directories
2008-06-03 Stefan Plueckendisable installation of lamedb from default
2008-06-02 Andreas Monznerdont use and show input power measurement (for rotor...
2008-06-02 Andreas FrischAdd setCWD to change task's work directories for eConso...
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenadd DefaultServicesScanner plugin to do automatic servi...
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenproperly handle tags combined with other prerequisites
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenmove installPackage call one wizard step to properly...
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenchange German Translation of "services lists" from...
2008-06-02 Stefan Plueckenreapply patch for making 640x480 the highest entry...
2008-06-02 Felix Domkerevert non-working change
2008-06-02 Andreas Monznersmall gui command order fix when diseqc 1.1 is selected...
2008-06-02 Andreas Monznersome german translations added/fixed
2008-05-30 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-05-30 Andreas Monznerfix some translations
2008-05-30 Andreas Monzneradd some german translations,
2008-05-30 Andreas Frisch*** empty log message ***
2008-05-30 Andreas Frischadd french translation for dvd player plugin and networ...
2008-05-29 Felix DomkeNetworkSetup: fix help onleft/right, fix reload
2008-05-29 Felix Domkeadd new network config
2008-05-28 Andreas Monznerswap key and value
2008-05-28 Andreas FrischAllow playing DVD structure from arbitrary directories
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznerfix text also in translations
2008-05-27 Felix Domkefi language update
2008-05-27 Felix Domkefix text
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznergreen -> blue
2008-05-27 Stefan Plueckenadd default services lists as a scan alternative
2008-05-27 Stefan Plueckenadd default services lists as a scan alternative
2008-05-27 Stefan Plueckenadd tagging to possible dream info handler prerequisites
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznerfix crash when more than one satellites is removed
2008-05-26 Andreas Monznerask to delete unconfigured satellites when leave tuner...
2008-05-26 Andreas Monzneradd "remove complete satellite" option to channel selec...
2008-05-26 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to enable / disable ac3 downmix in...
2008-05-25 Andreas FrischAdd callback for playing from physical dvd drives
2008-05-23 Andreas Monznercleanup PC Modes
2008-05-23 Andreas Monznersave / restore video settings
2008-05-22 Andreas Monznerrevert DVI workaround... because hdmi is broken when...
2008-05-22 Andreas Monznerset /proc/stb/hdmi/enable_hdmi_reset to 1 when a real...
2008-05-21 Andreas Monznerneeded fix
2008-05-20 Andreas Monznermove c++ part of socket mmi to plugin
2008-05-20 Andreas Monznerfix size of inputbox
2008-05-20 Felix Domkemake workspace a Job property, fix preconditions, Task...
2008-05-19 Andreas Monznerremove no more needed time code
2008-05-19 Andreas Monznercompile fix for old api
2008-05-19 Felix Domkeupdate pl,es,da,sv language
2008-05-18 Stefan Plueckendon't show in startwizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenadd DreamPackageWizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckensmall fix for not existent package content
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenadd DreamPackageWizard
2008-05-17 Stefan Plueckenallow "internal" plugins from outside of the e2 plugin...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenadd default wizard to the menu (should we reorganize...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenlots of improvements in the default wizard
2008-05-16 Stefan Pluecken- move arrow_down.png out of sight
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenmove registering of DefaultWizard from StartWizard...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenallow dynamic config lists in wizards
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckenadd new scope for directory for the dealer partition...
2008-05-16 Stefan Plueckensome German translations for the coming default wizard...
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeuse eDebug
2008-05-15 Felix Domkelimit gstreamer queue memory size
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeremove 'unhandled extension' debug message
2008-05-15 Felix Domkeadd dump_malloc_stats
2008-05-15 Andreas Monzneradd support for rolloff and pilot changing (needed...
2008-05-14 Stefan Plueckensave configfile after setting the video config
2008-05-14 Andreas Monznerfix not visible sleeptimer in extensions menu on dm800
2008-05-13 Andreas Monznerfix subservice quickzap
2008-05-13 Andreas Monznerdont re-ask parental pin on change subservices