2008-01-29 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-01-29 Felix Domkeupdate hu language
2008-01-28 Andreas Monznererrno handling
2008-01-28 Andreas Monznerour alps bsbe2 frontend also needs the rotor workaround
2008-01-28 Felix Domkefix typo
2008-01-27 Felix Domkelanguage update: hr,da,cs,lt
2008-01-27 Felix Domkedisplay hex values unsigned
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenbetter dvi rate selection (testing for 50 Hz)
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckensome changes to change the current step on timeout...
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenfix wizard step history (exit key should work now as...
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenuse new list type in start wizard
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenadd question for test pictures to the video wizard...
2008-01-25 Felix Domkefix typo, fix gamma test screen
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenuse special refresh rate selection for DVI ports
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenevaluate list changes
2008-01-25 Stefan Plueckenchange StartWizard's skin to sources concept for list...
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeadd some .cvsignore
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeput main screen into own .py file to speed up enigma...
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeuse screen.skin_summary if defined as summary skin
2008-01-25 Felix Domke'rate' -> 'refresh rate'
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeremove debug
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeadd cvsignore
2008-01-25 Felix Domkeadd VideoTune plugin
2008-01-25 Felix Domkesync languages
2008-01-24 Felix Domkelayout fix: use proper background color for transparent...
2008-01-24 Felix Domkemerge with old A/V setup
2008-01-24 Felix Domkeremove old video setup
2008-01-24 Felix Domkeallow overriding menus from plugins
2008-01-24 Felix Domkeremove debug, add (untested) isPortUsed
2008-01-24 Stefan Pluecken- fix bluescreen caused by wrong list handling
2008-01-24 Stefan PlueckenYPrPb -> YPbPr
2008-01-24 Felix Domkewrite text support in eCanvas
2008-01-24 Felix Domkeyou don't want to know... (don't rely on clut in 32bit...
2008-01-24 Stefan Pluecken- add selectNext/selectPrevious to sources.List
2008-01-24 Felix Domkedisable preferred_modes stuff for now, implement hotplu...
2008-01-24 Stefan Plueckenadd videowizard
2008-01-24 Stefan Plueckena lot of new wizard functionality
2008-01-24 Stefan Plueckenadd count() to List source
2008-01-24 Felix Domkepass more information about why a channel alloc fails...
2008-01-24 Felix Domkerevert re-mmap (it's not necessary with new driver...
2008-01-22 Felix Domkeupdate da language
2008-01-22 Felix Domkefix byte order for jpg
2008-01-20 Felix Domkeupdate hu language
2008-01-19 Felix Domkeupdate hu language
2008-01-19 Felix Domkeupdate hu language
2008-01-17 Andreas Monznerfix cmdline parser
2008-01-12 Andreas Monznerdeal correct with errno
2008-01-12 Andreas Monznerhandle ret value of eConsoleAppContainer.execute
2008-01-10 Andreas Monznerepg fixes
2008-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix bsod when draw epglist entrys without beginTime
2008-01-09 Andreas Monznerremap lfb on resolution change
2008-01-08 Felix Domkeuse setup_<setupkey> as alternative skin name for Setup...
2008-01-08 Andreas Monzneruse vfork instead of fork (this hopefully fixes the...
2008-01-08 Felix Domkeallow generic override of SimpleSummary
2008-01-07 Stefan PlueckenFixed very useful TestPlugin-plugin (callback wasn...
2008-01-03 Felix Domkeupdate fr language
2008-01-03 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2008-01-02 Andreas Monznerreconnect camd.socket on connection lost
2008-01-02 Felix Domkepatch by Moritz Venn: allow plugins to provide a Wakeup...
2008-01-02 Felix Domkeupdate fr language
2008-01-02 Felix Domkelanguage update: sv, cs
2007-12-27 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to add complete content of a directory...
2007-12-27 Andreas Monzneroutput pid if timeoutet section table
2007-12-24 Felix Domkefix LoadPixmap
2007-12-23 Felix Domkeupdate 'da' language
2007-12-23 Felix Domkeupdate fr language
2007-12-22 Felix Domkeupdate lt language
2007-12-21 Felix Domkeadd 'layers' (in buffered mode, which is not working...
2007-12-21 Felix Domkeadd videomode plugin to makefile
2007-12-20 Felix Domkeadd LCD support
2007-12-20 Felix Domkecreate global (real) config entries, update setup on...
2007-12-20 Felix Domkeallow setting default to false/no
2007-12-20 Felix Domkewhitespace fixup
2007-12-20 Felix Domkeadd videomode plugin (not used yet) for advanced videom...
2007-12-20 Felix Domkeinit borders to 0
2007-12-20 Felix Domkeremove debug
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: properly skip space when...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: properly initialize and...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: fix naming of western satel...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: fix 'cancel' when editing...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: fix order of class definit...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: save timers after editing
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: fix partial lines returned...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: fix IDE device numbering...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: add closeOnSuccess
2007-12-16 Felix Domkepatch by Pieter Grimmerink: -call waitpid on the child...
2007-12-16 Felix Domkemany keyboard improvements by Anders Holst
2007-12-13 Felix Domkeadd jpg support. Please note that 32bit bitmaps require...
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefactor out loadPNG into LoadPixmap
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefix loadJPG
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefix libopen Makefile dependency
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefactor out loadPNG into generic LoadPixmap
2007-12-13 Felix Domkeallow skin elements to use alphablend. *BE CAREFUL...
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefix/implement alphablend for 8-to-32 bpp blits
2007-12-13 Felix Domkere-enable alphablend
2007-12-12 Felix Domkeadd (untested) loadJPG with optional alpha channel
2007-12-12 Felix Domkeadd tool to convert 32bit argb into jpg+png. we still...
2007-12-10 Andreas Monzneradd support for manual blit
2007-11-29 Felix Domkeremove buggy&strange code
2007-11-28 Felix Domkeimprove text editing. Patch by Anders Holst