Get rid of deprecated API usage:
[grauphel.git] / templates / tag.php
2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeGet rid of deprecated API usage:
2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeRegister CSS files via API
2018-10-05 Josh PanterDo not use OCP\Util anymore - API not avaiable in Nextc...
2015-07-15 Christian Weiskemake search work in ownCloud 8.1
2014-10-28 Christian Weiskecolor modified date as files app does it
2014-10-28 Christian Weiskeshow last note modification date
2014-10-24 Christian Weiskemake linking of notes with <speci"a'l> chars work
2014-10-23 Christian Weiskenote preview
2014-10-14 Christian Weiskenote about work in progress v0.3.0
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskestyle the token list a bit
2014-08-22 Christian Weiskeshow tags and note titles in the notebook