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2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeDisplay tab-based line indentation in HTML
2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeGet rid of deprecated API usage:
2016-07-07 Christian WeiskeHandle not existing creation date on note object
2016-06-21 Christian WeiskeFix E_NOTICE in rST converter
2016-05-10 Christian WeiskeFix #41: Use correct SQL datetime format for tokens
2016-03-27 Christian WeiskeRemove unneeded constructor parameter
2016-03-18 Christian Weiske#37: Use public database interface; fixes graupel on...
2015-09-20 Christian WeiskeFix #20 and #25: Add authorization header workaround...
2015-09-18 Christian WeiskeLet the SQL server filter notes
2015-09-18 Christian WeiskeFix #28: array_shift() E_NOTICE in owncloud.log
2015-06-04 Christian WeiskeFix bug #19: Tabs ignored in HTML export
2015-03-17 Christian Weiskeuse ILIKE for case insensitive searches
2015-03-17 Christian Weiskedo not force wrap; we break links with that
2015-03-17 Christian WeiskereStructuredText output
2015-03-17 Christian Weiskestandlone HTML output
2014-10-28 Christian WeiskeAdd hrefs to API responses
2014-10-28 Christian Weiskeshow last note modification date
2014-10-28 Christian Weiskecatch rendering exceptions
2014-10-27 Christian WeiskeDownload note as XML and JSON
2014-10-27 Christian Weiskenew search query parser; support for NOT
2014-10-24 Christian Weiskesupport query splitting and quoting and search content...
2014-10-24 Christian WeiskeImplement note search
2014-10-24 Christian Weiskemake linking of notes with <speci"a'l> chars work
2014-10-23 Christian Weiskenote preview
2014-10-14 Christian WeiskeAdd database management page
2014-10-08 Christian WeiskeFix bug #10: OAuth does not work on server
2014-10-07 Christian WeiskeAnother fix for bug #10
2014-10-06 Christian WeiskeTry to fix issue #10; work around bug https://bugs...
2014-10-02 Christian Weiskeadd DELETE /token/$username/$tokenKey API
2014-10-02 Christian WeiskeFix bug #8: Titled blank notes cause SQL error
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskestore client name and last use time for tokens. show...
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskefix owncloud.log notices
2014-09-26 Christian WeiskeSend HTTP 401 on invalid token
2014-09-26 Christian WeiskeFix bug #3: Inserting notes on PostgreSQL
2014-09-26 Christian WeiskeFix length of date fields in database.
2014-08-23 Christian Weiskeallow listing all and untagged notes v0.1.0
2014-08-23 Christian Weiskefix two bugs: syncdata generation and tag linking
2014-08-22 Christian Weiskeshow tags and note titles in the notebook
2014-08-22 Christian Weiskelink api from web interface, make single note fetching...
2014-08-22 Christian Weiskeshow some statistics on the index page
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskemake sync work with conboy
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskefix docblocks
2014-08-21 Christian WeiskeSupport oauth on apache+fastcgi
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskefix re-sync with tomboy
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskeuse factory method for oauthprovider
2014-08-21 Christian WeiskeCS: tab2spaces
2014-08-20 Christian Weiskesync with tomboy works
2014-08-18 Christian Weiskeoauth dance works