Make info.xml valid
[grauphel.git] / lib / oauth.php
2015-09-20 Christian WeiskeFix #20 and #25: Add authorization header workaround...
2014-10-08 Christian WeiskeFix bug #10: OAuth does not work on server
2014-10-07 Christian WeiskeAnother fix for bug #10
2014-10-06 Christian WeiskeTry to fix issue #10; work around bug https://bugs...
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskestore client name and last use time for tokens. show...
2014-09-26 Christian WeiskeSend HTTP 401 on invalid token
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskemake sync work with conboy
2014-08-21 Christian WeiskeSupport oauth on apache+fastcgi
2014-08-21 Christian Weiskeuse factory method for oauthprovider
2014-08-18 Christian Weiskeoauth dance works