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2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeRegister CSS files via API
2018-10-07 Christian WeiskeFix display of navigation sidebar.
2018-10-05 Josh PanterDo not use OCP\Util anymore - API not avaiable in Nextc...
2015-07-15 Christian Weiskemake search work in ownCloud 8.1
2014-10-13 Christian WeiskeToken deletion with simple undo
2014-10-07 Christian WeiskeTell what the token management page does
2014-10-07 Christian WeiskeDeleting tokens works (without confirmation)
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskestore client name and last use time for tokens. show...
2014-09-30 Christian Weiskestyle the token list a bit
2014-09-27 Christian WeiskeAdd token management page (only shows tokens for now)