2010-12-13 Christian Weiskeignore run-tests files
2010-12-13 Christian Weisketest for excellent connection
2010-12-13 Christian Weisketest for good connection
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemake first test pass
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskemove html parsing into own class
2010-12-13 Christian Weiskeadd noauth status page
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskecentral method to generate base url
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskeset exit code when rebooting failed
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskeshow reboot result
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskefix
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskemake munin script work again
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskecreate combined script, do not use global config variab...
2010-12-10 Christian Weiskemake scripts work again (config path)
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskeset exit status when router is not available
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskemove executable scripts to scripts/
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskesimple readme file
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskeimport unittests
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskefix munin.php
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskebegin pearification by renaming functions.php
2010-12-08 Christian Weiskeadd dist config file and ignore the real config.php
2010-11-11 Christian Weiskeimport code