tell about config file
[munin-heatpump.git] / heatpump-dimplex-wpm_
2017-09-20 Christian Weisketell about config file master
2017-09-20 Christian Weiskefix graph assoc
2017-09-20 Christian Weiskeno special characters
2017-09-20 Christian Weiskeshow alarm/error level
2014-12-28 Christian Weiskeadd heating setting
2012-12-11 Christian Weiskea thicker line for target temperatures
2012-12-10 Christian Weiskedo not use special chars, munin supports latin1 only
2012-12-10 Christian Weiskeadd line thickness
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskefix xsl bug
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskemore error checking for xsl path
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskeuse full path to xsl file
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskemore error checking for xsltproc
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskeadd connection error checking
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskeupdate dependencies
2012-12-09 Christian Weiskeadd host_name configuration
2012-12-08 Christian Weiskeindicate that this is a configurable plugin