Group Datum Game data field Discover field App field Details field BrewyaOnOuya field Example Description
app Game UUID uuid uuid uuid - App.uuid 780688a9-95ee-429a-8755-69a8d0c88fe0
app Game title title title title title App.title Bloo Kid 2
app Overview text overview (optional) overview - App.overview Released in October 2015 by winterworks GmbH.
app Description description description description App.description Bloo Kid 2 is a classic 2D retro-style platformer experience with lovely designed pixel-graphics and a full chiptune soundtrack. Run, jump and swim your way through FIVE huge worlds with TWELVE levels each. Master brutal bossfights and discover lots of secrets in the world of Bloo Kid 2.\r\n\r\nBloo Kid 2 features:\r\n- five worlds with twelve levels each\r\n- handcrafted, colorful pixel-graphics\r\n- a full chiptune soundtrack\r\n- epic boss battles\r\n- tons of secrets\r\n- achievements
app Number of players players gamerNumbers gamerNumbers gamerNumbers App.playerNumbers [1] Any combination of 1-4
app Genre list genres genres genres genres App.genres [Platformer, Retro] original genre list:
  • Adventure
  • App
  • Arcade/Pinball
  • Card/Casino
  • Dual Stick
  • Entertainment
  • Fight!
  • FPS/Shooter
  • Kids List
  • Meditative
  • Multiplayer
  • Music
  • Platformer
  • Puzzle/Trivia
  • Racing
  • Retro
  • Role-Playing
  • Short on Time?
  • Sim/Strategy
  • Sports
  • Utility
  • Video
app Package name package package apk.package App.packageName evil.corptron.DuckGame Run "aapt dump badging file.apk", field "package: name"
app Details URL - url - - ouya://launcher/details?app=evil.corptron.DuckGame
app Game website website website -
app Content rating contentRating (optional) contentRating contentRating suggestedAge App.contentRating Everyone
  • Everyone
  • 9+
  • 12+
  • 17+
app FIXME premium (optional) premium premium premium App.premium false
app When the game was published firstPublishedAt (optional) firstPublishedAt firstPublishedAt (unix timestamp) App.firstPublishedAt 2015-10-09T07:53:25Z
app Are there in-app purchases? inAppPurchases (optional) inAppPurchases inAppPurchases - true
app FIXME - type type - app discover: "app", "discover" or "details_page" (for bundles)
details: "Game", FIXME
app Last update (unix timestamp) - updated_at - AppVersion.releaseTime 1417731390
app Last update releases.*.date (when "latest") updatedAt - AppVersion.releaseTime 2014-12-04T22:16:30Z
? Metadata about the file - - metaData - ["key:rating.average", "", "key:suggestedAge", "45.29 MiB"] Always those 4 values and in the same order (at least for apps)
rating Number of likes? rating.likeCount likeCount - Rating.likeCount 0
rating Average rating rating.average rating.average ratingAverage rating.average Rating.rating 4.1
rating Number of ratings rating.count rating.count ratingCount rating.count Rating.reviewCount 355
product Promotion data products.* (when "promoted=true") promotedProduct promotedProduct promotedProduct App.promotedProduct null May be "null" if none, otherwise object
product Product key products.*.identifier promotedProduct.identifier promotedProduct.identifier promotedProduct.identifier Product.identifier unlock_rockets
product Product name products.*.name Unlock Full Game
product Product currency products.*.currency promotedProduct.currency promotedProduct.currency promotedProduct.currency - EUR
product Product description products.*.description promotedProduct.description promotedProduct.description promotedProduct.description Product.description Remove the 9 satellites limitation. Infinite satellites!
product Saving - promotedProduct.percentOff promotedProduct.percentOff promotedProduct.percentOff - 0
product Current price products.*.localPrice promotedProduct.localPrice promotedProduct.localPrice promotedProduct.localPrice - 1.99
product Previous price products.*.originalPrice promotedProduct.originalPrice promotedProduct.originalPrice promotedProduct.originalPrice Product.originalPrice 1.99
product FIXME ? ? ? promotedProduct.type ? "entitlement" (502x), null (758x)
apk Human readable version releases.*.name latestVersion.versionNumber versionNumber version.number Apk.versionName 1.6 Run "aapt dump badging file.apk", field "versionName"
apk UUID of latest apk version releases.*.uuid latestVersion.uuid latestVersion version.uuid - 780688a9-95ee-429a-8755-69a8d0c88fe0
apk Internal version - - - apk.versionCode Apk.versionCode null, 120401, 11, 1001004 Run "aapt dump badging file.apk", field "versionCode"
apk FIXME releases.*.publicSize publicSize apk.publicSize Apk.publicSize 27275
apk FIXME releases.*.nativeSize nativeSize apk.nativeSize Apk.nativeSize 20292
apk MD5 file hash releases.*.md5sum latestVersion.apk.md5sum md5sum apk.md5sum Apk.md5sum a5b0f82d54df5f551a64295e43771a10
apk APK file size releases.*.size apkFileSize apk.fileSize Apk.size 25507828
apk APK publish date releases.*.date publishedAt version.publishedAt (unix timestamp) AppVersion.releaseTime 2015-10-23T09:58:19Z
apk downloadLink releases.*.url apk.filename Apk.location url:
details: 1zbYKRSS1elKIYI9eseH_BombSquad-ouya-release.apk
Also in download.json
Details field: only a file name, no path/domain
apk state - ? ? apk.state ? "complete"
media Discover image image tileImage Media
media Large image media.large mainImageFullUrl - App.titleImage
media FIXME - - - heroImage.url ?
Most games, had "null" here, only 14 had one set. When this was set, mobileAppIcon was also set.
media Video videoUrl mediaTiles.*.url (when mediaTiles.*.type=video) Media
media Game screenshots media.screenshots filepickerScreenshots mediaTiles.*.urls.full, mediaTiles.*.urls.thumb, mediaTiles.*.fp_url (when mediaTiles.*.type=image) Media [urls]
media FIXME - mobileAppIcon mobileAppIcon App.iconImage null
1246x null, rest had its own URL. Set when heroImage was filled.
developer Developer name developer winterworks GmbH
developer Developer support mail developer.supportEmail supportEmailAddress - Developer.supportEmail null
developer Support phone number developer.supportPhone supportPhone - Developer.supportPhone null
developer Developer is a founder developer.founder founder developer.founder Developer.founder false
developer Developer UUID - - - developer.url (part of) Developer.uuid ouya://launcher/details?developer=5b015434-8a78-4274-aa5d-0cb2e330e50e