Remove "large" from scripts
[ouya-game-data.git] / bin /
2019-11-17 Christian WeiskeRemove "large" from scripts
2019-11-15 Christian Weiskescript to print all image urls from game files
2019-11-15 Christian WeiskeHandle large filepicker URLs in image replacer
2019-11-14 Christian Weiskescript to batch-replace images in game files using...
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeScript to convert broken .apk download URLs to Internet...
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeFix original importer script for inAppPurchases
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeMake game data converter more resilient. Do not require...
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeBetter JSON schema validation error messages
2019-11-12 Christian Weiskefinal fix to original conversion script
2019-11-12 Christian Weiskesingle package conversion script
2019-11-12 Christian Weiskescript to convert all old data files
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeLoad details data in original data conversion script
2019-11-11 Christian WeiskeScript to validate game files
2019-11-04 Christian Weiskescripts to generate game files and internet archive...