Remove "large" from scripts
[ouya-game-data.git] / games /
2019-11-17 Christian WeiskeRemove "media.large" from all games
2019-11-15 Christian WeiskeReplace many thumb-size filepicker image URLs with...
2019-11-15 Christian WeiskeReplace many large-size filepicker image URLs with...
2019-11-15 SzeraaxRemove and merge duplicate game com.AronDriessen.Pong...
2019-11-14 Christian WeiskeUse new discover image URLs
2019-11-14 Christian WeiskeReplace most cloudfront, filepicker and amazonaws image...
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeReplace some cloudfront and filepicker image URLs with...
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeUse Internet Archive .apk URLs (except 38 games)
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeFix wrongly imported inAppPurchases properties
2019-11-13 Christian WeiskeRemove empty game files #2
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeRemove empty game files
2019-11-12 Christian Weiske303 more original games!
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeTwo more original games for which I had no download...
2019-11-12 Christian Weiske954 OUYA games (with original image + apk URLs)
2019-11-12 Christian WeiskeUpdated blookid2 with original image urls
2019-11-08 Christian Weiskepackage -> packageName
2019-11-07 Christian WeiskeDrop app UUID; there is only a release UUID
2019-11-06 Christian Weiskefix json
2019-11-06 Christian Weiskeadd apk.versionCode and developer.uuid to game metadata
2019-11-05 Christian Weiskefix blookid and blockinger
2019-11-04 Christian Weiskefix blockinger package name
2019-11-04 Christian WeiskeAdd game: blockinger
2019-11-03 Christian Weiskefirst game