2019-11-06 Christian Weiskemore info about details page
2019-11-05 Christian Weiskefix blookid and blockinger
2019-11-05 Christian Weiskeadd "details" fields
2019-11-04 Christian Weiskefix blockinger package name
2019-11-04 Christian WeiskeAdd game: blockinger
2019-11-04 Christian Weiskescripts to generate game files and internet archive...
2019-11-03 Christian Weiskefirst game
2019-11-03 Christian Weiskebetter table header
2019-11-03 Christian Weiskekeep the header visible
2019-11-03 Christian WeiskeOwn schema for game data
2019-11-02 Christian Weiskeadd brewyaonouya field names
2019-11-02 Christian Weiskemore metadata
2019-11-02 Christian Weiskeinitial version