descriptionWebsite search in PHP and elasticsearch
last changeFri, 17 Apr 2020 12:03:55 +0000 (14:03 +0200)
2020-04-17 Christian WeiskeWrite errors to stderr master github/master
2020-03-08 Christian WeiskeSupport location redirect changes
2020-03-08 Christian WeiskeFix accept header in crawler
2020-03-07 Christian WeiskeSupport subscriptions to redirect URLs
2020-03-07 Christian WeiskeSupport multiple hub links for WebSub
2020-03-07 Christian Weiskelink websub on status page
2020-03-07 Christian Weiskeemacs dumb-jump configuration
2020-03-07 Christian WeiskeUse own HttpRequest class so we get get our own user...
2020-03-06 Christian WeiskeTalk about WebSub
2020-03-06 Christian WeiskeAdd cli tool to unsubscribe from a topic
2020-03-06 Christian WeiskeStore the hub that was used for Websub subscription
2020-03-05 Christian WeiskeSupport web linking in rss feed (atom:link)
2020-03-05 Christian WeiskeAdd atom and rss feed link url extraction
2020-03-05 Christian WeiskeAdd unit test preparation
2020-03-05 Christian WeiskeInstall phpunit
2020-03-03 Christian WeiskeDocument subscribing to websub topics
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