Fix date searches
[phinde.git] / bin /
2017-04-21 Christian WeiskeRenew subscriptions that got no response.
2016-12-03 Christian WeiskeRemove URL check from process.php. Checking is done...
2016-11-25 Christian Weiskescript to renew websub subscriptions v0.2.0
2016-11-24 Christian Weiskewebsub subcriptions work
2016-11-10 Christian Weiskeadd log class
2016-11-10 Christian Weiskeadd command to shut down a worker
2016-11-07 Christian WeiskeBig patch merging crawling+indexing into one command...
2016-11-06 Christian Weiskesetup: check json before dropping current index
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeAllow worker instances of multiple projects in parallel
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeMake phinde-worker configurable; allow queue selection
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeAdd support for modification date queries: "before...
2016-08-29 Christian WeiskeRespect <meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>
2016-08-29 Christian WeiskeSend If-Modified-Since header on crawling and indexing
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskesupport base href
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskedebug option for crawler
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskerework crawler; add atom link extraction
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskecheck for content attributes
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskeremove multiple tags
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefix indexing, boost config
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskeno simplexml anymore, content extraction improvements
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefollow redirect, do not verify ssl certificates, use...
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskeadd site search, highlighting
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefirst frontend
2016-02-01 Christian Weiskefirst kinda working version