2016-11-11 Christian Weiskeimprove status page
2016-11-11 Christian Weiskestatus page
2016-11-10 Christian Weiskeadd log class
2016-11-10 Christian Weiskepager: move next and prev links to the outside for...
2016-11-10 Christian Weiskeadd command to shut down a worker
2016-11-09 Christian Weiskeproperly handle noindex pages
2016-11-07 Christian WeiskeBig patch merging crawling+indexing into one command...
2016-11-06 Christian Weiskesetup: check json before dropping current index
2016-09-02 Christian WeiskeMake title configurable
2016-09-02 Christian WeiskeLink github
2016-09-02 Christian WeiskeSupport multiple "nick:" terms in search field
2016-09-02 Christian Weiskeperformance debug timer
2016-09-02 Christian WeiskeFix chat log links
2016-09-02 Christian Weiskemassively improve crawl speed by ditching "exists"...
2016-09-01 Christian Weiskemicro optimization for "exists" ES queries
2016-09-01 Christian WeiskeMake search result hit template configurable, add chat...
2016-09-01 Christian WeiskeAlways show text, make text extract size configurable.
2016-09-01 Christian Weiskeremove anchor from source URLs
2016-08-30 Christian Weisketell why crawler stops
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeAdd crawlBlacklist configuration option
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeAllow worker instances of multiple projects in parallel
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeFix notice
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeMake phinde-worker configurable; allow queue selection
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeOption to disable linked URL indexing
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeAdd support for modification date queries: "before...
2016-08-30 Christian WeiskeSupport "nick:cweiske" search syntax as alias for ...
2016-08-29 Christian WeiskeRespect <meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>
2016-08-29 Christian WeiskeSend If-Modified-Since header on crawling and indexing
2016-05-26 Christian Weiskeadd LICENSE file
2016-03-31 Christian Weiskewip pubsubhubbub
2016-02-12 Christian Weiskeopensearch paging
2016-02-12 Christian Weisketrim query string
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskeopensearch support v0.1.0
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskesupport base href
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskesanitize title better
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskeuse correct meta robots attribute
2016-02-11 Christian Weiskedebug option for crawler
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskeadd date sorting
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskeremove debug statement
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskecrawler supports "nofollow" now
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskesend accept header during crawl
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskesome styling, noindex for search result pages
2016-02-10 Christian Weiskerework crawler; add atom link extraction
2016-02-06 Christian Weiskeabout section readme
2016-02-05 Christian Weiskeadd site GET parameter
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskedefault config
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskedo not exit on null query
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskecheck for content attributes
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskeremove multiple tags
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskedo not show filter headline if there are none
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskeshow query time
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskechange default query operator to AND
2016-02-04 Christian WeiskeShow site search reset link
2016-02-04 Christian Weiskeescape html in search results
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefix indexing, boost config
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskeno simplexml anymore, content extraction improvements
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefollow redirect, do not verify ssl certificates, use...
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskeadd site search, highlighting
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskeshow elasticsearch query time
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefiltering works
2016-02-03 Christian Weiskefirst frontend
2016-02-01 Christian Weiskefirst kinda working version