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2012-06-05 Christian Weisketalk about mime_type_plaindetect
2012-05-25 Christian Weisketalk about resetting elasticsearch v0.2.0
2012-05-25 Christian Weiskeinstallation docs
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2012-05-08 Christian Weisketalk about search setup
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskeupdate url mapping docs
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskeupdate todo, url layout
2012-05-01 Christian Weiskesearching works now (pager missing)
2012-04-20 Christian Weiskeupdate to latest services_libravatar release
2012-04-18 Christian Weisketell how to install date_humandiff
2012-04-18 Christian Weiskenew todo
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2012-04-15 Christian Weiskefix internal layout description
2012-04-15 Christian Weiskeupdate feature list
2012-04-15 Christian Weiskefix git clone urls
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskedeleting files works now
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskehowto setup clonable git repositories
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskemore deps
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskereorganize readme
2012-04-03 Christian WeiskerST rendering is possible now
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskerename Phorkie to phorkie (lowercase)
2012-04-02 Christian Weisketodo items
2012-03-29 Christian Weisketodo
2012-03-27 Christian Weiskelisting all pastes works
2012-03-26 Christian Weiskeremove hook examples
2012-03-26 Christian Weisketodo list
2012-03-26 Christian Weiskesyntax highlighting with geshi
2012-03-25 Christian Weiskefirst code that allows you to create pastes and view...
2012-03-16 Christian Weiskebasic file layout