Release 0.8.0
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2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.8.0 v0.8.0
2017-04-18 Christian WeiskeMove off sourceforge
2015-11-05 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.7.0 v0.7.0
2015-11-05 Christian WeiskeDetect text files for unknown file types
2015-11-03 Christian Weiskephar handling link
2015-11-03 Christian WeiskeSupport elasticsearch 2.0.
2015-10-28 Nicolas HohmFix nginx config
2015-07-15 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.6.0 v0.6.0
2015-02-27 Dean MatzkovAdded Lighttpd rewrite rules to README
2015-02-10 Christian Weiskerequest mails
2015-02-02 Christian Weiskeclarify that we support two ways to embed pastes
2015-02-02 Christian WeiskeAdd oEmbed support
2015-01-30 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.5.0
2014-12-04 Christian WeiskeSingle file editing
2014-07-15 Christian Weiskeprepare readme, news and changelog for 0.4.0
2014-07-04 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-06-13 Christian Weiskeuse geshi from geshi's new pear channel
2014-05-02 Christian Weiskebasic web+fork handling
2014-05-02 Christian Weiskefix pear2_services_linkback name
2014-04-30 Christian Weiskedo not run setupcheck on every page load
2014-04-30 Christian Weiskeadd separate setupcheck file
2013-11-13 Christian Weiskemention openid in dependencies
2013-09-17 Christian Weiskewebhook support
2013-04-21 Colin GuthrieAllow usage in a subdir of a host.
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskepart of #6: atom feed for recently updated pastes
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #6: atom feed for new pastes
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackUpdated README to clarify elasticsearch setup
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-21 Christian Weisketalk about IP addresses / OpenIDs
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeCS
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into milestone
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'milestone' of
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackCleaned up files for 0.3 milestone.
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackCorrected git version
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackFIX: Corrected config.php file.
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackREADME.rst - Updated for OpenID instructions
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'jnovack/markdown'
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'auth-openid'
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackFeature: Add Markdown parsing
2012-09-17 Justin J. NovackFIX: Combine auth.php to login.php
2012-09-17 Justin J. NovackFIX: Removed forbidden page, added to secure.php
2012-09-17 Christian Weiskeadd DOAP to readme
2012-09-17 Justin J. NovackMerge with updates from cweiske/master
2012-09-16 Justin J. NovackUpdated ChangeLog and README.rst
2012-09-14 Justin J. NovackConfigurable index page
2012-08-22 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'skl85/hotfix-extautodetect'
2012-08-22 Stephen LangAdded nginx rewrite rules to README
2012-06-05 Christian Weisketalk about mime_type_plaindetect
2012-05-25 Christian Weisketalk about resetting elasticsearch v0.2.0
2012-05-25 Christian Weiskeinstallation docs
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskeremove search tech
2012-05-08 Christian Weisketalk about search setup
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskeupdate url mapping docs
2012-05-08 Christian Weiskeupdate todo, url layout
2012-05-01 Christian Weiskesearching works now (pager missing)
2012-04-20 Christian Weiskeupdate to latest services_libravatar release
2012-04-18 Christian Weisketell how to install date_humandiff
2012-04-18 Christian Weiskenew todo
2012-04-17 Christian Weiskefinish todo item
2012-04-17 Christian Weiskenew todo
2012-04-15 Christian Weiskefix internal layout description
2012-04-15 Christian Weiskeupdate feature list
2012-04-15 Christian Weiskefix git clone urls
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskedeleting files works now
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskehowto setup clonable git repositories
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskemore deps
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskereorganize readme
2012-04-03 Christian WeiskerST rendering is possible now
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskerename Phorkie to phorkie (lowercase)
2012-04-02 Christian Weisketodo items
2012-03-29 Christian Weisketodo
2012-03-27 Christian Weiskelisting all pastes works
2012-03-26 Christian Weiskeremove hook examples
2012-03-26 Christian Weisketodo list
2012-03-26 Christian Weiskesyntax highlighting with geshi
2012-03-25 Christian Weiskefirst code that allows you to create pastes and view...
2012-03-16 Christian Weiskebasic file layout