support embedding in application/xhtml+xml pages
[phorkie.git] / src / phorkie / HtmlHelper.php
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskesupport embedding in application/xhtml+xml pages
2014-05-20 ZertrinAvoid mixed content warnings by letting Libravatar...
2014-05-16 Christian Weiskeadd option to disable avatar loading
2014-05-08 Christian Weiskeshow remote fork button only if user cannot write
2014-05-08 Christian Weiskedisplay fork domains
2014-05-02 Christian Weiskebasic web+fork handling
2013-04-21 Colin GuthrieAllow usage in a subdir of a host.
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #35: show paste owner
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'jnovack/markdown'
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'auth-openid'
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackFIX: Files without eol
2012-06-05 Christian Weiskeautomatic detection of file types
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskerename Phorkie to phorkie (lowercase)