Each repository ID should increment by between 2^16 and 2^24 to avoid easy guessing
[phorkie.git] / src / phorkie / Repositories.php
2017-10-13 Douglas FraserEach repository ID should increment by between 2^16...
2017-10-12 Douglas FraserUse mode from parent directory to avoid world writable
2017-04-19 Christian WeiskeDo not crash list view when seeing a fully empty git...
2014-05-14 Christian Weiskeshow newest repositories in list at first
2012-09-27 Christian WeiskeCS fixes
2012-05-04 Christian Weiskeuse a real pager now
2012-04-11 Christian Weiskeseparate git and work directories - gives nicer public...
2012-04-03 Christian Weiskerename Phorkie to phorkie (lowercase)