Fix E_NOTICE: Only variables should be passed by reference
[phorkie.git] / www /
2018-03-21 Christian WeiskeFix E_NOTICE: Only variables should be passed by reference master github/master
2017-10-28 Christian WeiskeWord-wrap for txt files
2017-10-28 Christian WeiskeUpdate jquery from 1.7.2 to 1.12.4
2017-04-18 Christian WeiskeMove off sourceforge
2015-07-14 Christian Weiskejump to correct hash after renaming a file
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskegoogle does not support openid anymore; remove the...
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskefavicon on setup check page
2015-07-08 Christian Weiskedo not use javascript for location reload
2015-07-07 Christian Weiskesimple cache for rendered files
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskefix "reload" button on autologin
2015-07-06 Christian WeiskeAdd "add file" button to display page
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskeredirect paste url with ending slash on apache
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskesingle file edit: jump to file after saving
2015-07-06 Christian Weiskemove "additional options" button in the middle, and...
2015-07-02 Christian Weiskewe need auto width for pre tags in embed
2015-02-03 Christian Weiskefix embed style inclusion and embed overflow handling v0.5.0
2015-02-02 Christian WeiskeAdd oEmbed support
2015-01-30 Christian WeiskeFix autologin in phar files and subdir installs
2015-01-28 Christian Weiskesome spacing between files
2015-01-28 Christian WeiskeAutomatically login to phorkie
2015-01-27 Christian Weiskefix accidential bug in last commit
2015-01-26 Christian Weiskejavascript embedding support
2014-12-04 Christian WeiskeSingle file editing
2014-07-09 Christian Weiskedo not display deprecated errors (PEAR's Pager)
2014-07-07 Christian Weiskeautomatically configure git paths (dir + public clone...
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskeput config.php.dist in textarea for easier selecting...
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskeconfig file setup instructions
2014-07-04 Christian WeiskeLead users to setup check page when no config file...
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskewarn about remote fork config in setup and help
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskerework setup check
2014-07-04 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-07-04 Christian Weiskedetect baseurl automatically, load config file from...
2014-06-25 Christian Weiskelet the session expire in 2 weeks
2014-06-13 Christian WeiskePEAR is not E_STRICT compliant
2014-05-15 Christian Weiskeuse composer-provided autoloader if it exists
2014-05-14 Christian Weiskeuse stream_resolve_include_path
2014-05-14 Christian Weiskeshow newest repositories in list at first
2014-05-08 Christian Weiskedisplay fork domains
2014-05-08 Christian Weiskedisplay success flash message after forking
2014-05-06 Christian Weiskefix clone urls
2014-05-02 Christian Weiskebasic web+fork handling
2014-04-30 Christian Weiskedo not run setupcheck on every page load
2014-04-30 Christian Weiskeadd separate setupcheck file
2013-11-22 Christian Weiskefirst work on remote fork notifications with linkback...
2013-11-21 Christian WeiskeUse title of remote paste for forked one; use page...
2013-11-19 Christian WeiskeCatch remote forking errors and display them
2013-08-20 Justin J. NovackAdd perPage settings into config
2013-08-20 Fredrik NygrenImplement #37: Add avatar to navbar and profile page.
2013-04-22 Colin GuthrieAdd support for png shortcut icons
2013-04-22 Colin GuthrieFix .htaccess when used with MultiViews
2013-04-21 Colin GuthrieAllow usage in a subdir of a host.
2012-10-29 Christian Weiskepart of #34: store last openid and pre-fill URL field
2012-10-29 Christian WeiskeThrow exceptions when OpenID login fails
2012-10-26 Christian WeiskePart of #6: show changed files + line counts in updated...
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskeadd padding fix to edit page
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskepart of #6: atom feed for recently updated pastes
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #6: atom feed for new pastes
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #35: show paste owner
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskeshow proper error message on remote forking
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackProvide optional widescreen.css to standardize look...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackProperly align 'Description' field in all widths
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackAdd version history sidebar to edit page
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackStandardize sidebars
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackMake header consistent with main container across ...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackAlign Font-Awesome button icons to bottom of text rathe...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackGeneric jquery.js for easy updating without editing...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackFont-Awesome v2.0
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackBootstrap v2.1.1 (Custom, without Base CSS/Icons)
2012-10-01 Justin J. NovackUse commit timestamps for ElasticSearch and sort on...
2012-09-27 Christian Weiskedo not allow to change profile details, only show them
2012-09-25 Christian Weiskebootstrap 2.0 support
2012-09-21 Christian Weiskeremote forking: use the original http/https url in...
2012-09-21 Christian Weiskedo not use log for openid; we do not read it anyway
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into milestone
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeimplement request #13: simple remote forking works now
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskemove forking code to separate class
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge remote-tracking branch 'jnovack/markdown'
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'auth-openid'
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskeread full name from Yahoo! OpenID
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskeverify openid AX email type
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskesecure.php is not used anymore
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskerename "secureAtLevel" variable since it does not defin...
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskefirst work on remote forking
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackCLEAN: Removed openid debugging information
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackCLEAN: use fullUrl when possible
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackCLEAN: use fullUrl when possible
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackREVERT: variable name change
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackCLEAN: How about changing the rest of the files with...
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskerename auth configuration variables to make them more...
2012-09-18 Christian Weiskerename "secure" config setting to "securityLevel"
2012-09-18 Christian WeiskeRemoving access_denied image that was originally from
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackCLEAN: changed pageRequiresLogin variable to secureAtLe...
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackFIX: Files without eol
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackFIX: Set REQUEST_URI to go back to page requested befor...
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackADD: protect user.php
2012-09-18 Justin J. NovackFIX: Revamped security measures
2012-09-17 Christian Weiskeremove session id check, it was not working the way...