2013-09-16 Elan RuusamäeDisable editor on commit with --no-edit
2013-09-04 Christian Weiskedetect xml and json as text
2013-09-04 Christian Weiskeadd wsdl extension
2013-08-20 Justin J. NovackAdd perPage settings into config
2013-08-20 Christian WeiskeAutomatically focus OpenID field on login page
2013-08-20 Christian WeiskeFix bug #41: AGPL link broken
2013-08-20 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog
2013-08-20 Fredrik NygrenImplement #37: Add avatar to navbar and profile page.
2013-04-22 Colin GuthrieAdd support for png shortcut icons
2013-04-22 Colin GuthrieFix .htaccess when used with MultiViews
2013-04-21 Colin GuthrieAllow usage in a subdir of a host.
2012-11-21 Christian Weiskefirst work on Fork origin display; works for local...
2012-11-21 Christian Weiskemove load method to top
2012-10-29 Christian Weiskemake login button primary
2012-10-29 Christian Weiskepart of #34: store last openid and pre-fill URL field
2012-10-29 Christian WeiskeThrow exceptions when OpenID login fails
2012-10-26 Christian WeiskePart of #6: show changed files + line counts in updated...
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskeadd padding fix to edit page
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskepart of #6: atom feed for recently updated pastes
2012-10-25 Christian Weiskeset correct update time when the user edits the paste
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #6: atom feed for new pastes
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskemake getLink optionally return full urls
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskeput html page titles on one line
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskeFix bug #33: do not index login page
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskeupdate ChangeLog
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #35: expose owner in DOAP file as maintainer
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #35: show paste owner
2012-10-24 Christian WeiskePart of #35: store owner in git configuration
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskeadd some spacing for new and list page to the navbar
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskeshow proper error message on remote forking
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskecheck for empty fork url
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackCorrect E_NOTICE on error when remote forking.
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskefix xml error
2012-10-24 Christian Weiskealign navigation bar with content properly for all...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackAlign 'fork-remote-new' across all widths
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackMove 'no-fork-url' error message to top of page
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackProvide optional widescreen.css to standardize look...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackProperly align 'Description' field in all widths
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackAdd version history sidebar to edit page
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackRight-align 'delete' buttons
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackStandardize sidebars
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackMake header consistent with main container across ...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackAlign Font-Awesome button icons to bottom of text rathe...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackCollapse search box on smaller widths
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackRight-align 'fork' button within container
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackIntegrate local copy of Bootstrap and Font-Awesome
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackGeneric jquery.js for easy updating without editing...
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackFont-Awesome v2.0
2012-10-24 Justin J. NovackBootstrap v2.1.1 (Custom, without Base CSS/Icons)
2012-10-01 Justin J. NovackUse commit timestamps for ElasticSearch and sort on...
2012-10-01 Christian WeiskeFix bug #31: forked pastes cannot be remote forked
2012-10-01 Christian WeiskeFix bug #27: render .json files
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeprepare release of 0.3.1 v0.3.1
2012-09-28 Christian Weiske Fix bug #24: verify geshi installation, Fix bug #25...
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeadd fixme for open pear bug
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskecheck for openid package
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog v0.3.0
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeaccept 404 errors when deleting repositories from elast...
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskedelete repository after failed clone
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskedo not try to delete if file does not exist
2012-09-28 Christian Weisketrim remote fork url spaces away
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskeprepare for 0.3.0 release
2012-09-28 Christian Weiskefix elasticsearch setupcheck
2012-09-27 Christian WeiskeFix bug #22: Edited pastes not in "recently created"
2012-09-27 Christian Weiskefix title
2012-09-27 Christian Weiskedo not allow to change profile details, only show them
2012-09-27 Christian WeiskeCS fixes
2012-09-27 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog, add NEWS file
2012-09-27 Christian Weiskefix elasticsearch setup check that was broken by jnovack
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackUpdated README to clarify elasticsearch setup
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackADD: do a cursory validatation of the elasticsearch url
2012-09-25 Justin J. NovackFIX: PHP-Markdown does not adhere to PEAR conventions...
2012-09-25 Christian Weiskebootstrap 2.0 support
2012-09-25 Christian Weiskemove "add file" button to bottom button bar
2012-09-23 Christian Weiske#11: do not index some more pages
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-09-22 Christian WeiskeIndex forks only after their description has been set
2012-09-21 Justin J. NovackFIX: Index forks
2012-09-21 Christian Weiskeremote forking: use the original http/https url in...
2012-09-21 Christian forking support
2012-09-21 Christian Weiskedo not use log for openid; we do not read it anyway
2012-09-21 Christian Weisketalk about IP addresses / OpenIDs
2012-09-21 Christian Weiskedo not use a commit message
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeFix bug #16: "add file" hides "show additional options...
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeCS
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into milestone
2012-09-21 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'milestone' of
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeparse logs with commits that have no line changes
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeupdate changelog
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeimplement request #13: simple remote forking works now
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskemove forking code to separate class
2012-09-19 Justin J. NovackCleaned up files for 0.3 milestone.
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeuse replace html entity with numeric xml entity
2012-09-19 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' into remotefork
2012-09-19 Christian Weiskeuse xml entity to have valid xml