Release 0.2.2
[php-sqllint.git] / src /
2017-10-24 Christian WeiskeRely on autoloader to load Console_CommandLine
2017-07-27 Michal ČihařUpdate to SQL Parser 4.1.9
2015-12-21 Christian WeiskeLoad version number from file v0.1.0
2015-12-19 Christian Weiskeadd html syntax highlighting
2015-12-17 Christian WeiskeAutomatically detect if we should enable colors or not
2015-12-16 Christian WeiskeSQL formatting support
2015-12-15 Christian Weiskesupport reading from stdin
2015-12-15 Christian WeiskeAllow .phar renaming
2015-12-14 Christian Weiskeincrease version to 0.0.2
2015-12-14 Christian Weiskeno text output when all is fine
2015-12-10 Christian Weiske.phar build script v0.0.1
2015-12-09 Christian Weiskerework everything; add emacs output mode