Add "json" option
[shpub.git] / src / shpub / Request.php
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "json" option
2016-09-14 Christian WeiskeAdd support for update queries
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskereplace echo with Log:: calls
2016-09-12 Christian Weiskeimprove "x" option, add syndication option
2016-09-12 Christian Weiskeadd support for generic additional properties
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskefile upload support for notes (single + multi)
2016-09-08 Christian WeiskeWord-Case headers; too many applications break without it
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskedebug option to print curl requests
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskereply support