Split off content type comments
[shpub.git] / src / shpub / Command / Connect.php
2017-08-28 Christian WeiskeSplit off content type comments
2017-03-23 Christian WeiskeFix CS
2017-03-23 Aaron PareckiAdd "scope" option to connect command
2017-03-23 Aaron PareckiAuthentication fixes: grant_type and json response...
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskeadd description for all commands
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskemove server and connect option registration out of cli
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskereplace echo with Log:: calls
2016-09-07 Christian WeiskeDo not verify the auth code. Makes shpub work with...
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskecheck status code on access token fetch
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskemake user URL optional in connect command
2016-09-06 Christian WeiskeSupport IPv6 on connect and use SSH connection IP
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskedisable ssl verification on PHP < 5.6
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskecache server endpoint URLs
2016-09-06 Christian Weiske"connect" works and stores token in config
2016-09-05 Christian WeiskeWIP