2016-09-20 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskeadd description for all commands
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskere-enable endpoint caching
2016-09-20 Christian WeiskeAdd upload command
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskemove server and connect option registration out of cli
2016-09-20 Christian Weiskeadd support for media endpoints
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeSupport --html everywhere
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "json" option
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd bookmark command
2016-09-15 Christian Weiskerename "files" option to "file"
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.0.6 v0.0.6
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "updated" option
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "name" option for post titles
2016-09-15 Christian WeiskeAdd rsvp command
2016-09-14 Christian WeiskeAdd support for update queries
2016-09-14 Christian Weiskeadd undelete command
2016-09-14 Christian Weiskemove constructor to command base class
2016-09-14 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.0.5 v0.0.5
2016-09-14 Christian Weiskeadd "slug" option
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskeadd support for delete queries
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskeadd support for articles (with HTML)
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskeadd support for reposts
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskereplace echo with Log:: calls
2016-09-13 Christian Weiskemove generic options into separate class
2016-09-12 Christian Weiskeimprove "x" option, add syndication option
2016-09-12 Christian Weiskeadd support for generic additional properties
2016-09-12 Christian Weiskeadd "category" option to notes
2016-09-11 Christian Weiskecorrectly determine file type
2016-09-08 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.0.4 v0.0.4
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskeadd "published" option to notes
2016-09-08 Christian Weisketalk about notes and image upload
2016-09-08 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.0.3 v0.0.3
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskesupport image urls
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskenobody needs the --user option
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskefile upload support for notes (single + multi)
2016-09-08 Christian Weiskemove option definition into command classes
2016-09-08 Christian WeiskeWord-Case headers; too many applications break without it
2016-09-07 Christian WeiskeRelease 0.0.2 v0.0.2
2016-09-07 Christian WeiskeDo not verify the auth code. Makes shpub work with...
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskecheck status code on access token fetch
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskeuse default host if none given v0.0.1
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskephar build script
2016-09-07 Christian Weiskedebug option to print curl requests
2016-09-07 Christian WeiskeQuote values in .ini file
2016-09-07 Christian WeiskeLoad HTML as HTML, resolve relative endpoint URLs
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskemake user URL optional in connect command
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskebetter URL completion
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskereply support
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskeadd option to list all configured server connections
2016-09-06 Christian WeiskeSupport IPv6 on connect and use SSH connection IP
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskedisable ssl verification on PHP < 5.6
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskelikes work!
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskecache server endpoint URLs
2016-09-06 Christian Weiskeconfig perms
2016-09-06 Christian Weiske"connect" works and stores token in config
2016-09-05 Christian WeiskeWIP