2012-08-17 Christian Weiskecopy index.surrogator.html to index.html if it does...
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskeuse sourceforge homepage
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskeupdate readme
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskeadd introduction index page that people can use
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskeprovide default default.png (libravatar nobody.png)
2012-08-17 Christian Weisketell people about mm support and more infos about serve...
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskehandle default=mm requests
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskeprepare mystery man image mm.png
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskedoc: features, test tools
2012-08-17 Christian Weiskemore setup howto
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeadd license file, docblocks and update readme
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskecheck if dir can be created
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeavatar serving works now
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeread filenames from cli
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeadd cli options
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskelog levels
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeexit on config error
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeadd logging
2012-08-16 Christian Weiskeinitial working image resizer