2022-03-14 Christian WeiskeFix URLs in atom feed master github/master
2022-03-14 Christian WeiskeAdd latest posts atom feed
2022-03-14 Christian WeiskeLink latest.php
2022-03-14 Christian WeiskeAdd "generator" meta tag
2022-03-14 Christian WeiskeAdd html5 doctype
2022-03-13 Christian WeiskeUpgrade twig to version 3 for php 8.1
2018-12-15 Christian WeiskeUse dependency installation via composer v1.0.0
2018-04-23 Christian WeiskeReturn JSON responses in auth, token and micropub API
2018-04-23 Christian WeiskeFix comment_pingstate SQL error
2018-04-19 Christian WeiskeSend CORS header to allow javascript micropub clients
2018-04-19 Christian WeiskeSupport multipart/form-data content type
2018-04-19 Christian WeiskeBetter authorization error handling
2018-03-22 Christian WeiskeVerify that the authorization header has 2 parts
2018-02-26 Christian Weiskecorrect reply url in comment display
2018-02-26 Christian Weiskelink for-url
2018-02-26 Christian WeiskeSimple latest comment list
2018-01-07 Christian WeiskeAllow linkback endpoint configuration
2017-09-29 Christian WeiskeCorrectly inspect POST content type
2017-08-18 Christian WeiskeLet token endpoint ignore "me" and take it from the...
2017-08-18 Christian WeiskeVerify if auth token "me" and given "me" match in token...
2017-08-15 Christian WeiskeAdd "reply" form to index page
2017-05-21 Christian WeiskeFix E_NOTICE
2016-09-15 Christian Weiskefix JSON format
2016-09-05 Christian Weiskes/rel/class/ in reply
2016-08-10 Christian Weiskefix like class
2016-08-10 Christian Weiskeadd p-name and u-url
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskeadd license file
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskeadd readme
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskesend linkback when a post is created
2016-08-08 Christian Weiskeadd like support
2016-08-07 Christian Weiskeread authentication token from php-cgi header
2016-08-07 Christian Weiskefetch token verification error response
2016-08-07 Christian Weiskeinclude bearer token result in error message
2016-08-07 Christian WeiskeCheck token on micropub post request, store correct...
2016-08-07 Christian Weiskerobots.txt
2016-08-07 Christian Weiskefavicon
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskeindex indieauth hint
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskedo not use imageurl when anonymous
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskea little bit layout for the identity selector
2016-08-04 Christian Weiskepre-fill auth form with $me data
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeremove auto_increment from sql dump
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskepre-select anonymous mode
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskewe always need code
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeallow empty code in id mode
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskesupport auth ID response type
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeauth supports HEAD now
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskedynamic index page, title
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeconfig dist file
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskeauthentication works
2016-08-03 Christian Weiskewip