filter out duplicate incoming calls
[auerswald-callnotifier.git] / src / callnotifier / CallMonitor.php
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskefilter out duplicate incoming calls
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskefilter out the ("duplicate") internal call on outgoing...
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskecreate full number from the given national number
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeuse alerting instead of call_proceeding to detect start...
2012-08-02 Christian Weiskeadd incoming/outgoing type to calls
2012-08-01 Christian Weiskecollect parameters on information elements, too
2012-07-31 Christian Weiskecall echo logger
2012-07-26 Christian Weiskeintroduce separate log object and callmonitor